Thursday, October 23, 2003

Rolling Over

OH MY GOD...OH MY GOD!!!! You are NEVER going to believe this!!! Are you sitting down?? OK...OK...OK...OK...are you ready for this INCREDIBLE NEWS? Brace yourself... take a deep breath!!!! OK OK we go...HANNAH ALMOST ROLLED OVER!

what? You were waiting for something more relevant? How can there be something more relevant than that??? She came soooo close!!! She's almost there!! I swear!! Soon, she will be rolling ALL OVER THE PLACE!! I am so proud.

Uggh. What is the big deal??? I mean really. ROLLING OVER?? WHO THE HECK CARES? I am stuggling to understand why mothers call up their entire address book to report to everyone that their child ROLLED OVER!! Baffles me. Now now...before you all attack my insensitivity....I am all about documenting and broadcasting events in my children's lives. Things like WALKING and TALKING are newsworthy.

"Hey MOM, guess what??? You are not going to believe this...HANNAH POOPED SOLID today! FIRST TIME!!! How adorable!!! I just wanted to squeeze her I was so proud! Not only that - get this - she also didn't spit up ONCE all day!!! Awwwwww..."

So while Hannah is busy rolling over, Elijah is learning to use reason in his daily conversations. For instance, we will say, "black and white animal" and he will say "zebra." We will say "orange dinner" and he will say "Mac and cheese." We will say, "underwear" and he will say, "no pee pee!!"

So, if you have not gotten the message yet...Hannah is almost rolling over. Be sure to tell your aunts, uncles and your bosses wife. If you forget, it will be on the evening news tonight at 11.

Love you all!!!


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