Tuesday, May 25, 2004

I Can't!

I remember when I was growing up and my father used to tell me not to say certain words because they were not really words. Like AINT. Aint isn't a word. Well, it wasn't at the time. It is now - it's in the dictionary! Anyway - dad used to correct my vacabulary all the time. I find myself doing the same thing with Elijah. His favorite word these days is 'can't'. He says, "I can't do it" all the time. So Deb and I tell him that 'can't' is not a word and he has to stop using it.

This has been going on for a couple of weeks now. In the morning when we are getting dressed, he says he can't get dressed by himself, that he can't do it. We tell him yes he can and we keep on him until he does it. Of course, he can do it. He just dosen't feel like it.

So that brings us to this morning. I was in the shower and Elijah was going through his morning routine, saying he can't get dressed by himself and whining that he needs help. He's got this shirt on that Uncle Richard gave him that has The Incredibles on it (a movie coming out later this year). Elijah wore the shirt to sleep on Sunday, all day Monday and then to sleep on Monday night. IT'S DIRTY. He won't take it off. He wants to keep wearing it. So Deb says, "Elijah, you can't wear it again." What does he say back? You guessed it! "Mom, don't say can't. It's not a word."

Try explaining THAT to a 4 year old.

What a day we had on Sunday. FANTASTIC DAY!! It was Hannah and Ariana's first birthday party at our house and we had 50 people and it was hot and humid and wonderful. We rented a moonbounce for the backyard and the kids were hopping around in there. I was melting at the BBQ and the food was delicious. Everyone said it was a great party and we all had a blast. It was great tossing the Nerf around the yard and playing Monkey in the Middle with the kids. Reminds me of 1975 when our parents did the same thing with us. Everyone was too generous with their gifts, of course, and Hannah already has a backlog of toys to open up. Some we will save for a month or two until she is bored of her other ones. Uggh. Lemme tell you, with all these toys in our house, someday we are going to make a mint at a garage sale!

I will post pictures of the BBQ here in the next few days. Otherwise, that's about it!! The summer is coming and Hannah will be walking soon!!


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