Thursday, June 17, 2004

Growing Up and Pubic Hair

Two things that go together like soup and sandwich.

Elijah is growing up and the realization of two things this week bring that to reality for me. First, he is starting camp in 10 days and will be taking a yellow bus every day to Medford. Secondly, is will be attending pre-kindergarten in the fall at the JCC. He's going to be learning how to read and simple addition's SCHOOL! Crazy!

This morning Elijah took a shower with me and was staring at my, ahem, my "stuff" and asked, "Daddy, why do you have HAIR down THERE? I don't have any hair THERE, Daddy." So I responded what every dad would respond to that question. "It's the 100 Aker Wood down there, Sweetie, and Winnie the Pooh and Tigger live there."

After a 10 second panic attack, he realized I am kidding. "DADDYYYYYYYY - Winnie the Pooh does not live on your PENIS!"

So, of course, right on queue, I start singing, "OHHHHH theeeeee wonderful thing about Tiggers are wonderful things...."

It's fun to be a Dad.

The other day, Elijah told me he wanted to be a teenager. I asked him why and he said, "so I can reach the light switch."

Why is it raining so damn much? Every day this week - DOWNPOURS. Not a drizzle, not a little sunshower. NOOOO...95 degrees and POURING. Makes me so happy. Now I have to leave here and go to the hospital because my Buba is in there. She went in yesterday with low blood pressure. Another day in the life of a 98 year old. She's stable but I am going over to give her a kiss and let her tell me how wonderful I am. You need that now and again. She'll be going back to her community center tomorrow, good as new. She's amazing. I was watching Nancy Reagan last week during the Reagan funeral, noticing how she's aged and I was thinking that my Buba could be NANCY REAGAN'S MOTHER. That's how old Buba is. Insane.

In Hannah news...she's got a temper now. Rub her the wrong way and she GOES OFF. NO - I am serious....rub her the wrong way and she'll sock you in the face and growl until you back off. She's MUFASA the toddler. No...before you all attack me....she's not bad. She's gonna be the kind of girl you just don't mess with. Gotta have it HER way. Like her mama. That's OK with me cause its better than being a softie like me.

I am off most of the week next week from work and need the break but it's the WORST month I've ever had as far as business goes so if you have any business....SEND IT TO ME!!! ;-)

Pictures next. Good ones.


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