Thursday, December 09, 2004

I was just teasing...

Nice. What the heck have you been doing for TWO MONTHS if you were NOT writing in your blog?? You mean to tell me you HAVE A LIFE?

You read my last post from October 10. You know what's going on at work. I've been BUSY! I get home and I'm exhausted and I eat dinner. Then I hang with the kids for an hour or so before it's bedtime. Life has been a big adjustment these last few months for me. It's all good though!

This Saturday is Elijah's 5th birthday. I told Deb that he was almost half-way to his Bar-Mitzvah and she nearly vomited. His party is at the bowling alley. He's been bowling once and loved it so that's that. Kids. Next month he will hate bowling.

Hannah is a blabbermouth. She has conversations with you and only she knows what she's talking about. For the first time, she felt like Daddy's little girl last weekend. I spent 2 days in Chicago and when I got back, she greeted me in the airport with the most incredible reception EVER. DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! Then we had the best weekend - she was attached to me and I was to her. Awesome.

Happy Hannukah!!! Hanukkah is cool but all those new gifts for the kids makes the house a cluttered mess. You have to throw out the old stuff or donate it or something but Elijah wants to keep everything - a pack rat like his daddy. We had Hanukkah at Melissa's the other night and Elijah got THREE Playstation games - the first ones he ever got. I stood up and announced to everyone that it was the best Hanukkah I had ever had already and thank you. We went home, Elijah went to bed and Deb and I stayed up until midnight playing the games. It's good to be a kid.

Elijah loves getting presents too much...Tuesday my mom came over in the morning and when she walked in, Elijah said "where's my present?" Last night, my dad came over to light the candles with us and Elijah said, "where's my present?" Then he asked if he could open his presents 100 times in about 5 minutes. No shame.

I am going to post some pics next time. I gotta run now - but at least I posted!!!


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