Thursday, June 02, 2005

Mom's 60th Surprise

A few select pictures from the party last week...

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Anonymous said...

Dear Jordan, thanks for the pictures- what a nice surprise!
I am still trying to get familiar with the Hello picture viewer, I downloaded it but don't understand it yet.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Jordan, Thank you so much for sharing the pictures. (I would like to see more.) Your Mother is a beautiful person both inside and out and you are correct in that she looks so much younger than what her biological age says she is. Thank you and Deb for including us in the celebration to be with our friends (family) to celebrate with our Grace and to enjoy you and your children and the rest of the family was as your Mom would say “DELICIOUS”. We share Jordan, we share the ups and the downs of life - we are family. Jordan, you share very well. Love, Johanna