Tuesday, April 11, 2006


It's been so long since I posted and yet it feels like yesterday. So much is going on and every day is so busy!! Let's see if I can get you up to date...

  • We are about 70% complete with our unpacking. Deb did a magnificent job in the playroom upstairs this past weekend and now all we really have, aside from decorating, is the basement. There are about 20 boxes down there. I'll post some more pics in the coming weeks.
  • Sadie sits up! She's five months tomorrow and she can sit on her own for 15-20 seconds or so.
  • Work is going well and my staff of three begins with me on the 17th full time. They have spent the last two weeks in Philadelphia training. We go live on the 17th!!!
  • It snowed 20 inches this weekend ten miles from here and we got nothing.
  • Elijah is liking school here. Today I went through his backpack and there were seven papers in there. Some were coloring pages and some were words and stories that he was to read. Every single one of them was Easter themed. One of the pictures Elijah drew was the Easter bunny delivering eggs under a rainbow. I said that we don't celebrate Easter and Elijah said they don't talk about Passover in the school. So Deb told the teacher she would love to come in and talk to the class about Passover and the teacher thought that would be a great idea. We will see if that happens. Talk about a difference!
  • Elijah is also liking Sunday school at the Synagogue. We've met some nice people already from there. In fact, this Wednesday for the first Seder we are going to someone's house and then on Thursday to ANOTHER person's house. THEN, to complete the trifecta, we are going to Shabbat dinner on Friday to yet ANOTHER person's house who has a son in Elijah's Sunday school. Three free dinners in a row - AWESOME!
  • The TV repairman is coming on Thursday morning to take the TV and see if he can fix it (not). Then the arguing will begin with the movers on why they should (better) replace my TV. It's all kind of messed up.
  • Hannah follows Elijah around like she IDOLOZES him. She makes the sounds he makes, imitates his moves and everything. It's amazing....except when he's being bad cause then she's bad with him. Deb said the only thing she does differently than him is eat. She eats EVERYTHING. Elijah eats 5 things....6 if you count macaroni and cheese as two.
  • Our cars are not here. Yes, that's correct - OUR FUCKING CARS ARE NOT HERE. Sorry - got angry for a second there. The car moving company said April 13th or possibly as late as the 17th. It sucks. Oh and by the way - its $448 per week for the minivan we are renting. Nice.
  • We ate at Rich's Bagels this weekend. Besides Einstein, it's the only bagel shop we have seen. "Born and Raised in Utah" is their slogan. Not bad! A little different - they claim they use no fat or oil in the bagels. Certainly edible!
  • Mom and Dad are coming for 10 days in July. Bobe and Zeide are coming for two weeks in August. Spencer and Lynne are planning a trip at the end of June. Excellent!

Some more interesting facts about our new home...

  • There is no such thing as Pepper Steak here and NO Chinese restaurants here have ever heard of Chinese Pizza. This leads me to believe that Pepper Steak and Chinese Pizza are Jewish creations.
  • We found Saturday Night Live!! It's on the WB at 10:30pm. COOL!!
  • Nobody uses turn signals here. It's like driving behind my father ALL THE TIME.
  • Still the most interesting thing about the people here is the way everyone adapts to the weather. I wrote about this before but EVERYONE is in shorts and flip-flops all the time. This past weekend I drove Elijah to Sunday school and it was 42 degrees when we left the house. Elijah reluctantly wore his sweat jacket. When we got to the Synagogue, there were tons of kids walking in with TANK TOPS and shorts on. No jackets. It was 42 degrees!!!! Parents too! Walking in with their kids in tank tops and flip-flops. So Elijah took off his jacket! So far, the kids have not worn their winter coats ONCE here. It's so different - I can't explain it. It's awesome for sure.

I am so tired now. I would write more but, to tell you the truth, I already had and lost 80% of this post to an errant key click...I had to type it all again and now I am pooped!!

Everyone have happy and healthy Pesach and I hope you all find the afikomen!

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