Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Biggest Fans

Since I started Jawdy's Basement nearly five years ago, there have been amazing upgrades and improvements made to the Blogger service. Some I am using like videos and pictures, and some I don't dabble much in because I am not an expert in coding websites and things of that nature.

Some of the coolest enhancements to the Blogger service are actually created by outside companies, such as the cool FlicR picture strip on the site. One of this cool apps is called Feedjit. They provide a service that allows me to see from where in the world people who land on the site are from. Of course, I don't get any personal ID information, just the city and state or country the person is in when they land on Jawdy's Basement.

Now, sometimes people land here as a direct result of them searching for a topic on Yahoo or Google. My site comes up as a hit for that search and, viola, here they are. The cool thing about Feedjit is that I can actually SEE the search tags that people type in on the search engine.

Several months ago, I started compiling a list of some of the most outrageous search engine searches people used that led them to Jawdy's Basement. Here are some of my favorites..

Now, keep in mind that the searches were typed in my the people in the EXACT format that you are seeing them below....

"When DYFS comes to your home"

"Suzanne Sommers Playboy" (I get this one a LOT - at least once a week)

"Stuck on Band Aid"

"Swallowed bone surgery"

"I hear flapping noises in my walls"

"Happy Birthday burrito"

"First trip to the urologists office"

"24 hour suitcase store in Utah"

"Photos of severed testes and penis"

"Sliced scrotum"

"vasectomy+double hernia"

People look for some really sick shit and I am more than happy to provide them pictures of my kids when they do this.

I am going to continue to compile the best of the best and post them here now and again.

By the way, the five year anniversary of Jawdy's Basement is on March 25th. Guess I'll have to do something special to mark the occasion. Maybe I'll just toss up a post with 25 or so vile and disgusting phrases so I can attract more traffic to the site!!

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