Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Why I Love My Mother

E-Mail from Tuesday afternoon:

Hello Jordan:

I just wanted to remind you that you still have your parents living and healthy in the State of New Jersey.

I don't ever remember being so busy that I could not call and say hello to my mother.

I hope you are well.

Love, Mom

Go ahead - you can laugh. It's true. Sometimes life gets too fast and days pass by. We speak a few times a week but I admit, I am not as good as she is at making calls. But, then again, getting e-mails like this reminds me of how much I love her. She has the ability to absolutely crack me up. I laughed for fifteen minutes when I read this tonight. I anticipate getting a similar one sent to me once she notices that I posted it here in the Basement.

Truth is, I am not too busy to say hello to my mother. So, I will do it right here for all to see:

HI MOM!!!!!

I love you!! Don't ever change.


Anonymous said...

YOU, I'm sure will have to pay dearly for that pic of Mom in those rollers. I wonder how I still recognize it's her.

Anonymous said...

Leave it to MY mom to be the first to comment. Take a tip from us Lenahans... no news is GOOD news!

Jawdy said...

Nothing like a picture of your mother in curlers...that's what I say. I remember the day I took that shot - she FIRST thing she said to me was "Don't you dare...." :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice to see my friend and her daughter getting a good laugh! I must admit that I found it funny too. Mom