Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Dear Hannah,

In 40 minutes, you will officially turn five years old. It seems like yesterday that I was posting this picture when you were turning three.

You have gone from cute to beautiful in just two years and I absolutely cannot believe that time is going this fast.

One of my favorite things about you is when we get to talking about you growing up. I always get a sad face when you announce that you are getting bigger and you always try to make me feel better. "Daddy, you can always hold me whenever you want in your lap - even when I am 25 years old." Sometimes I make the sad face just to hear you say that because it warms my heart.

I love how you share my edamame with me and always ask me to taste whatever it is I am eating. You are so cute when you announce how great it tastes before you even start chewing. The other day I gave you a wasabi almond and you put it in your mouth and announced, "Mmmmm this is just delicious!" After closing your mouth, you realized that it was, indeed, a wasabi almond and made the "oh crap, I just ate a wasabi almond" face and spit it out. Then you took a gulp of 12 ounces of water and announced that it was good that you at least tasted it. I agreed with you.

I think what I love about you most of all is how you take care of Sadie. You are her guardian at school and you always tell me what happened with her that day. You don't know this now, but someday Sadie will thank you for watching over her like you do. It's the most special thing you can do for your sister and it makes you very special.

Now you are turning five and I just sometimes wish that I could stop time because I am afraid of missing anything. When I used to play your song for you in years past you sang it but didn't understand it. Now, you request to hear it in the car every time and you sing the words and understand them all. They are the best words I have ever heard to describe you...

You are the wind at my back
You give what I lack
You're the jewel in my hand
You're like rain on dry land

Yon're the focus the beam
You're realities dream
You're the blue in my black
You're the wind at my back

You are the wind at my back
You give what I lack
You're the jewel in my hand
You're like rain on dry land

And my soul has been kissed
Just because you exist
You're the dream that's a fact
You're the wind at my back

A snippit from a post I made here in the Basement on May 14, 2003 says it all. The post was entitled "The Luckiest Man in the World"....

It's 8:20am and I am in a fog. Last night at 11:40pm, Deb and I were blessed the
most magnificent of gifts. Hannah Leora Borenstein. 6 pounds 12 ounces. 19.5
inches long. Pure joy! She looks like her brother!

I love you Hannah Leora Borenstein!! Happy 5th Birthday from the proudest Daddy in the world. You ARE the wind at my back!!


Candice said...

That's good stuff, right there, Broth-r! (sniff sniff)

Anonymous said...

Jordan, I can post a comment from my office, yeah!!!

Anyway, that is beautiful- you and Hannah are very lucky and very much alike!!!!

Love you,


Anonymous said...

Jordan you are a remarkable Father with a gift of gab that makes everyone envious.