Saturday, June 07, 2008


There are probaby plenty of blog posts with that title today, I am sure...but how many of those folks writing said posts also celebrate a birthday today? A-HA!! I was born on June 7, 1967 - or 6/7/67. A hard date to forget for sure. I remember my birthday in 1989 was 6/7/89. I also remember thinking on that date when the next time my birthday would be cool to write. That day is today - June 7, 2008 - 6/7/8. What's even stranger is that there will not be another birthday of mine that's nearly as cool to write....ever. The cool ones are over. I guess that goes with the territory of being 41.

Actually, 41 aint all that bad. The kids are still young enough where I can collect and write about the most precious of moments....

Elijah came to work with me on Thursday and Friday because camp does not start until Monday. We brought the Wii for him but, aside from that there was not much for him to do so he decided to write letters to four of his current favorite people in the world. You can probably guess them...

1. Duff McKagen - bassist of Guns n Roses. "Please show this to Slash and Axl..."
2. Bret Michaels - singer for Poison. "I am your biggest fan. What's your favorite Guns n Roses song?"
3. Paul Stanley - singer for KISS. "I am Jewish like you and Gene."
4. Chase Utley - Phillies player. "I am from Philadelphia. I only live in Utah."

This morning, Hannah and Elijah woke me up with kisses. It was amazing. Then we all went to IHOP for breakfast and I got to have my favorite - spinach and swiss omelette. Yummy!!

Then I took Elijah with me to the baseball card store and picked up a box of my favorite product of late - 2008 Topps Co-Signers Baseball cards. I broke open the box and posted it on YouTube. Not that any of you would be interested...but if you are - here is the link to my YouTube page which will contain only baseball card box breaks and nothing else.

Deb and Hannah spent the afternoon preparing a great meal for me for dinner. Homemade gnocchi, salad and french bread. was awesome. We had dinner and Hannah had flour all over her. Literally.

Now we are at the end of the great day and watching Shrek the Third. It's been a great day for my 41st birthday. :-)

Now for some big news!! An e-mail with the details is forthcoming but we have booked our 2008 annual trip to NJ!!! This year's trip has a new twist! We arrive as a 5-piece and will depart as a 3-piece!

All of us will arrive on Friday the 18th of July. We will enjoy a week with our family and friends in NJ and take off on Sunday the 26th in the early morning........almost.

Deb, Sadie and I are leaving on the 26th. Hannah and Elijah will remain in NJ through AUGUST 23rd! That's a mighty long time but they can't wait!! Candice, Scott and Mick will take them back here to Salt Lake on August 23rd and will spend a week in Utah travelling and hanging with us! It worked out perfectly with the airlines after several hours of sweating it out. So we are booked and happy about it!!

Anyway...I didn't want to write a long mushy piece on my birthday like I did a year ago. I re-read that today and it was heavy. Instead, I will leave you with some words of wisdom from Hannah as I sit here and share a fresh peach with her....

"I love you so much Daddy that I will share my peach with you on your birthday."

See y'all in July!!!!!

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