Friday, January 02, 2004


Happy New Year everyone!! 2004 has begun. I cannot belive it. Where did 2003 go? Where did 2002 and 2001 go, for that matter? Time continues to fly by and that only means we are having fun. As the final ticks of 2003 were happening, Deb said to me, "new house, new daughter, new job for me, new promotion at your job - pretty good year!" Damn. That IS a pretty good year..but then again - we've had a bunch of those in a row. We are on a roll.

I have not written in a few's the update...

We moved as scheduled on the 15th and it was smooth sailing. Unpacking has continued since then and as of now, we are 90% moved in! Only the upstairs office remains packed. That is the project for this weekend. It's awesome!!

The big New Year's Bash was a huge success and they keep getting bigger and bigger!! We had well over 50 people in the house this time and there were a dozen kids running around and most of them made it to midnight! We had a great time with the Newleywed Game again and nearly broke up more marriages. I'm telling you - that game is BRUTAL - especially to those who can't laugh about certain things....

Anyway - on the 1st we had some old friends over and it was one of the best days I have had in years. Sandy was my best friend in high school and lives in Kentucky now with Judy and their three beautiful kids. They were visiting for the week and were at my house along with Gary and Nina and the girls and the Weinbergs came in later on. It was a phenominal day playing football in the new backyard and talking about old times....too deep and too much to talk about here but suffice to say - it was an amazing day. I have great friends.

Elijah's birthday party is FINALLY happening Sunday at the Aquarium. It got snowed out in December so we moved it. I still cannot believe he is 4 years old. He is so funny sometimes with things he says - STILL makes me laugh 3-4 times a day. Sometimes he falls down or trips on something and he jumps back up and says, "I'm OK Dad. It's OK. I'm fine." I love him. Hannah is wonderful too. She started sitting on her own without support last week and she LOVES it. She's moving a lot and is close to crawling already. Don't know if we are ready for that yet but its coming!

I really need to write more often. I've been reading the Deuce Daily's from a year ago and am amazed by how much information is forever archived because of that "diary". I don't want to forget things (which I often do) and this forum is perfect for my memoirs. So anyway - just thought I would say that in hopes I will stick to it.

So what's new with you?

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