Wednesday, January 14, 2004


Elijah is really getting into music now. I am LOVING IT. He likes all the kids music like the Wiggles and the theme songs from the Disney movies and shows. However, he has also taken a liking to popular music and I am taking pride in fueling that interest every day in the car.

At first, he took an unusual liking to the classic Queen song, Bohemian Rhapsody. He kept asking for it and learned ALL the words...Including the entire "scaramoush" part! It's VERY funny watching him sing it and I got it on video tape so I can have it forever. Anyway - we continued to listen and learn Queen songs and now he knows Radio Ga Ga, Bicycle Race, We Will Rock You and a few others. I quickly noticed that he has a musical ear like me....I love that. Music comes on the radio and he concentrates on it. A great example of this was yesterday. We were in the car and I put on 102.9 WMGK because they have Breakfast With the Beatles on every weekday morning. The song Hello, Goodbye came on and Elijah asked me to turn off the radio and turn on HIS music. I asked to wait a minute and listen to the song and he was quiet the rest of the time just listening. This morning in the car, he asked to hear "the Hello Goodbye song." DIRECT HIT!! He he. So...we listened to Breakfast With the Beatles again and started learning other songs like Two of Us and When I'm 64. I told Elijah that the Beatles were rock and roll and he gave me the Billy Idol sneer and shouted, "YEAH - and we like ROCK N ROLL!" He he. I taught him that face.

We are leaving for MEXICO on Sunday morning! A week in the sun culminates the following weekend with the wedding of Amy and Brett (Amy is Deb's sister for those not in the know). They are getting married on the beach and the best part is I am in the wedding and don't need to buy shoes!! I am going barefoot! This is SO Pam Anderson/Tommy Lee!! Maybe we will have to fight off the paparazzi too! Anyway - hopefully the Pam Anderson/Tommy Lee comparison ENDS with the ceremony and the happy couple does NOT take a video camera around with them afterwards. Ahem....

The house is coming along fine. Still a lot of clutter but its getting better every day. We are having the kitchen remodeled and are interviewing several companies for the job. We hope to have a new kitchen by March!!

That's the update for now. Some peeps are getting mad because I am not posting house pics. I don't understand it, but I am just not motivated to take pics of the house...strange but true. Maybe the urge will hit me soon. I am DEFINITELY taking before and after shots of the kitchen though.

Hope all is well with you!!! More after Mexico!!! Cheers!

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