Friday, February 06, 2004

Looking Through a Glass Onion

This is the worst winter weather I have ever experienced! Every day brings more threats of ice and snow and temperatures in the teens and twenties. It's horrible! Right now, it's raining slush and it's totally gross out. Three weeks until I hear the best three words in the English language: "pitchers and catchers." Spring Training begins this month and that means BASEBALL season is just around the corner. Next to Hanukkah, Opening Day is my favorite day of the year. It means spring and hot dogs and BASEBALL. Ahhhh.... BUT that is still weeks away. For now, I need to find other little pleasures to keep me happy.

One of those pleasures is my new toy. I got an iPod. This little device fits in my shirt pocket and it's hard drive will hold ALL 900 of my CD's. I still can't grasp that fact. It's got a 40gb hard drive and I am "ripping" all of my CD's to Mp3 so I can import them to the iPod. I already have around 1,500 songs on it and it's like a wet dream. I go into the car and hit Shuffle and get the ULTIMATE mix! I am one of those guys that spent half their childhood making mixed tapes. How can you top this? No more choosing which songs make it and which don't! THEY ALL DO! Needless to say, Deb is none too happy with my new joy because she is...well...she's jealous of the thing. I told her that the iPod has a volume control and she......ah never mind. JUST KIDDING HUDDY!!

Anyways, I had a misty moment on Tuesday morning. I was driving Elijah and Hannah to Melissa's house for daycare and put the radio on. Elijah likes to listen to his music but he had a liking for Hello, Goodbye by the Beatles. So I taught him Yellow Submarine, She Loves You and All You Need is Love. Being a huge Beatles fan myself, it was fun teaching him those songs because that's how I began my love of music. I heard the Beatles and it was it for me. Now I knew that one of the local radio stations had a morning show called Breakfast With the Beatles. I was scanning the radio stations looking for the show. I stopped on 102.9 WMGK and they were playing "Glass Onion", a track of the classic Beatles White album. Well, before I could even speak, Elijah YELLS out from the back seat, "YOU FOUND IT DADDY! It's Breakfast With the Beatles!!!!" WHAT? He does NOT know Glass Onion! Glass Onion??? I was flabbergasted. Did he recognize the singing?? the SOUND??? How did he know this was the Beatles? I remembered the first time I heard the Beatles and then it hit me. Elijah is going to have the same respect and love for music that I do. I got a little mushy! Now we listen to Breakfast With the Beatles every morning on our way to Melissa's. This morning he heard "All You Need is Love" for the first time! I've been singing it to him for weeks. Very cool.

Our kitchen is getting redone. We put our order in for the cabinets and things are underway. The entire kitchen is getting remodeled. We have to move the dishwasher and sink too. It's everything. We are going to pick out the granite countertop tomorrow at the granite yard. They say the entire kitchen will be done by April 3rd. We will be kitchen-less for 6-7 weeks! Can you say TAKEOUT?

Hannah is clapping her hands now. We sing the "Clap Your Hands Hannah" song and she goes to work! It's adorable and she loves it. She also blows kisses. She is so freaking cute that I can't stop squeezing her. She's like a zit that almost pops every time I hug her. (collective "EW! that's no way to talk about your daughter!") Whatever. She's awesome.

So what's up with you?

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