Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Don't Blink......part 2

I cannot believe it's been over 5 weeks since my last post. I suck! I have been so involved with so many things and it's been hard to pick just one thing to write about! So...I decided to give this update on what's happening and PROMISE to post pictures here in the next few days.

Our kitchen is DONE. Looks great! We hosted a surprise birthday party for Aunt Helene on the day after the kitchen was done and it won rave reviews! So did Aunt Helene for that matter! The whole family was over and Aunt Helene was moved by everyone and we all had a fantastic time.

Aunt Toby has been LOVING her stay here. We celebrated her birthday last weekend at Buca de Beppo and she gave a speech and said it was the best moment of her life. I believe her. It's been wonderful having her here and I wish she did not ever have to leave. The kids LOVE her so much. Sadly, she is leaving next Wednesday and I get to drive her to the airport. It will be a sad day....

Elijah is growing up so fast it's mind boggling. He just learned to write the letter 'A' last week! Deb has been working with him at night in learning how to draw and he loves it. He asks her how to draw things and then tries to do it. It's adorable. His language skills most amaze us. Not necessarily the vocabulary, but the conjugation of verbs and his use of connecting words like 'actually.'

"Elijah, do you want pizza bagels for dinner?"

"Yes. No!! Actually, I want chicken nuggets."

I find it amazing how a young kid learns to conjugate verbs without studying the subject. Sentences like, "I already did that," or "I went there three times today," are tough sentences! He is learning at an incredible pace. The whole Beatles thing that I spoke about in a previous post, is unreal. He hears a single note and yells out the song title. He knows the words, he even knows who the lead singer Beatle is on some songs. "Daddy, George sings this one!" Right now, his favorite songs are "Happy Birthday (the Beatles version)", "Bungalow Bill", "Here Comes the Sun", and "Blackbird." He brushes his teeth all by himself every night and takes more showers than baths. He loves the shower. He is very protective of Hannah and even more PROUD of her. See this exchange he had with a 7 year old kid at the park last week...

"Hi - what's your name? Hi Adam, I am here at the park with my little sister. Do you wanna meet her? Come on! Let's go - follow me - she's over there on the swing with Mommy. COME ON!!"

The kid and his grandmother followed and ended up talking to Deb for a bit. Elijah introduced Hannah to them and said how cute she was. It was adorable.

Hannah news? She's crawling! All over the place. Her first word is probably going to be 'Elijah' which is amazing but she's almost saying it! Her first birthday is coming up on May 14th and I just cannot believe it's been a year since the Duece Dauily was last published.

What else? In the proud brother department, my lil sisssssster will be graduating with a sign language degree next month and we are going to celebrate that! No more school!! NOW HAVE BABIES! he he.

So that's it in a nutshell. So many moments go undocumented because they are here and gone...I wish I could carry my computer with me everywhere and document everything....in any case....life is good now and, even though we are housepoor because of the darn kitchen!!

Pictures are coming!!!

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