Friday, March 12, 2004

Don't Blink

Spring is coming...there's flowers blooming...the grass is starting to come up...and my children are older. Really. Elijah especially. He's learning 140 things a day. The part that really gets me is the vocabulary. He'll pull words out that even I have not used in years. We had a funny situation the other night. We were finishing dinner and he was very tired. He was being fresh to us and, when asked to stay at the table until dinner was over, he hit Deb on the arm. "I'M NOT STAYING AT THE TABLE!" So Deb carries him to the stairs for a 5 minute time-out and he's kicking and screaming the whole time. After the time-out was done, he finished his dinner and acted like nothing happened. We got his PJ's on and I settled in bed with him as I do every night. I usually stay with him for about 15 minutes, playing with his toys or reading books and then I leave and he goes to sleep. Well as soon as we got in his bed, he stops what he's doing and says he has to ask me a question...

"Daddy - I have to do something."

"Do you have to go potty?"

"No - I want to apologize to Mommy."

APOLOGIZE?? My son knows the word apologize?? It must have been bothering him since dinner and even though he never said anything, he was obviously thinking about it and feeling bad. So he gets out of bed and walks into our room where Deb was laying with Hannah on our bed.

"Mommy - I apologize because I hit you."

Deb was choked up because it was such a sweet sounding apology. She was shocked that he used that word too and asked him...

"That's a new word Elijah!"

"I'm learning, Mommy!"

Incredible. He IS learning. We are at the stage where everything he sees or hears, he remembers. Deb once called me a moron and now whenever she yells about anything to anybody, Elijah asks if the person is a moron. "Mommy - is she a MORON?"

Our kitchen is getting pummelled tomorrow morning. 3 weeks til a new kitchen! I will post the before and after pictures here on the site.

Aunt Toby is here!! For the first time in 3 years, she is here with us. It's awesome and I will write about her visit here soon. She just got here on Wednesday and Aunt Rockie came with her too. It's going to be a good month with family!!

Have a great weekend everyone! My weekend starts in 30 minutes.....


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