Friday, July 08, 2005

The Boob part 2

What a week! We had the funeral service on Wednesday afternoon at Platt Memorial Chapel in Voorhees. The Rabbi was terrific and we had FIVE speakers. First, Deb read the Woman of Valor poem which was beautiful. Cynthia said a few words next that were very emotional and then Scott delivered his trademark speech which was very eloquent and described Buba's life mantra, "Life is just once." It was a wonderful speech. My words were next and, although my words were rehearsed, what occurred certainly was not. After about two sentences, I heard the pitter patter of little feet coming towards me and then Elijah appeared next to me at the podium. The Rabbi moved a chair so he could stand and be seen next to me and Elijah put his hand on mine to comfort me. The audience did not see this and the feeling that came over me was incredible. Deb told me later that he just wanted to me with me when I gave my speech about Buba. The love in this 5 year old boy is amazing. I delivered my words and finished with Buba's catch phrase, "the best of the best." Candice was the last speaker and she was wonderful and emotional as well.

Before the actual start of the ceremony, the funeral director invited us to view Buba in her open casket. I've never done this before and I planned on NOT doing this for Buba. However, Elijah was 100% sure he wanted to see her and say goodbye so I decided, "if Elijah is not freaked out, then I can do this too." I went with him. He was unbelievable. He actually touched Buba's face and hands. He was not weirded out at all. In truth, she looked much better than she did in her final days. She looked beautiful.

The cemetery was very nice and the service there was short and very emotional. Everyone there had the chance to put some soil on Buba's casket before they lowered it down. Elijah did not come to the cemetery. We decided it was enough for him to be at the service and see Buba.

We spent six or so hours at Mom's house afterwards and many people came to pay their respects and talk about Buba. There was a minion service at 7pm and LOTS of food. It was very nice. Mom had decided to only sit for one day and so that was all we did. Yesterday was getting life back in order and today finishes off a busy week.... Mom starts a new job on Monday so it's a new beginning for her. Buba will be missed...she was the best of the best...

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Foxxy One said...

What a beautiful post! She was an amazing woman. I just wish I had the pleasure of meeting her. Although I have a feeling, by what you have wrote, she is very much in you :)