Friday, July 01, 2005

He Gave Me a Hard One

It's hot. I would say it's pea soup but I said that in a post on a hot day last summer. Ah, what the's pea soup. I feel like I should be carrying a machete with me on my walk from the train to the office to slice through the air and get to work quicker. As it is, I arrive here every morning all shiny.

So Elijah started his second year of the JCC Camps this week. It's been a fun week with the stories. Wednesday he came home with a slice of his hair missing. He said "Evan told me not to tell you what happened." Evan is one of his junior counselors. Camp called us and said that every counselor has been warned not to make jokes about cutting your hair when it's arts and crafts time. Apparently, Evan made a joke when passing out scissors to 5 year olds when he said, "It's time for a haircut everyone."

One of the players on Elijah's T-Ball team is Josh. Josh is a year younger than Elijah and his camp bunk is nearby so they see eachother often. Yesterday when Elijah came home from camp we were talking about the day.

"Did you see Josh from your T-Ball team today"

"Yes and he made me mad"


"He made my hand hurt."

"How did he make your hand hurt?"

"We gave eachother hi-fives."

"So you gave him a hi-five and your hand hurts???"

"He gave me a hard one."

Oh jeez. The kid is 4 years old. Elijah is a few inches taller and a self-proclaimed he-man. He beats up Jedi with his light saber and crushes weaklings while wearing his Superman cape to bed. BUT - 4 year olds who have to jump to give him hi-fives completely overtake him.

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Foxxy One said...

Too Funny! I was wondering when you were going to post again. Have a great weekend and my best to the MRS and kids :)