Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Happy New Year everyone!! I know it's cliche, but 2006 really did fly by. It felt like half a year to me. I just cannot believe that...
  • It's been over a year since we sold our house in Cherry Hill
  • We have lived in Utah for nine months
  • Elijah is SEVEN years old
  • Hannah is 3.5 years old
  • Sadie is over one!!
  • I am going to be 40 in 6 months

OK, that last one almost made me toss my Subway Tuna sandwich. Truth is, all of the boys will be turning 40 this year. I won't get into my personal feelings about all that...yet. I am sure I will blog about it as the day gets closer.

For now, the schedule is packed for the first half of 2007 already.

  • Uncle EVAN is coming in for four days this month!
  • I am travelling to NJ with Sadie for business and pleasure from the 20th through the 24th of this month.
  • Deb is travelling to NJ with Sadie a few weeks later to hand with family for a few days.
  • We are waiting to hear if Liz and Alex will be making an adventure to Utah in February!
  • We are meeting my parents in Vegas for a four day jaunt in March. We will be driving there with the kiddies through Southern Utah which should be beautiful!
  • April brings Bobe and Zeide back to Utah along with Carlos and Perla!!
  • May seems rather quiet for now...anyone wanna change that?
  • June brings a big trip to NJ with the whole family for a visit that includes my 40th birthday bash at Mom's on June 9th! You are all invited!!!

Tonight I am attending my first Utah Jazz game. It's against my beloved 76'ers so I will be cheering for my boys! Virtually every Jazz game is a sellout but I just saw on the website that there are 'plenty of tickets' available for this one. Guess the Sixers ain't quite the draw they once were...

We just had a record month here at Marlin Leasing Western Division and things are looking up, up, up!!!

Quick kids update...

Elijah has his next belt test on January 20th in karate. He is going for his orange/yellow belt!! He is really the karate master now and we are thinking about the all-day camp for this summer for him. It's called 'Kickin' Kids Camp'.

Hannah wants to take ballet. She knows all the words to The Little Mermaid song 'Part of Your World' and it's the friggin cutest thing EVER.

Sadie just wants to go everywhere she's not supposed to go and touch everything she's not supposed to touch. You can say it's cute. I say IT'S ANNOYING AS HELL. However, she's so damn cute that's it becomes OK.

Deb had her office redesigned this week and has a brand new desk and everything. Now she's working in style!!

Here's some news for y'all. The Utah Borensteins have been selected to appear in Salt Lake Magazine's Hanukkah special for 2007. The photo shoot is next Saturday night. They are re-creating a Hanukkah party and taking lots of pics! We are not sure when the feature is running but Salt Lake Magazine has a readership of 168,000 and is Salt Lake's biggest monthly magazine! We are famous!!

We spent a quiet New Year's with our friends, the Cohens. The kids played and we drank a bottle of Stoli Raspberry. :-)

Happy New Year everyone. More pictures coming soon!!!

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