Saturday, January 27, 2007

Life is a Highway

I look up...and it's the end of January. What a month!! Let's see if I can recap everything here with the help of some pics.

An Uninvited Guest
The month began with a furry creature roaming our living room. Jerry the Mouse. Deb discovered him one morning at 6am and they heard the screams in Cherry Hill. I came running and watched Jerry run laps around the perimeter of the living room, up the cables and onto the TV stand, then back down the cables and around the room again. Nice. Set traps - go to work. What is the absolute worst thing that can happen when returning home to check the traps six hours later? A mouse trapped in every one? Think again. That's right.....nothing. Empty traps, quiet Jerry. Gone. The exterminator came and placed poison bait in some strategic places in the house. If Jerry ate the bait, he would eventually die peacefully but, chances are, we would not discover him. In any case, after a few nights of six empty peanut butter traps, we decided that Jerry either left our house because there was no food, or ate the poison bait and died somewhere we could not find him. We have not seen a trace of him since.

Evan visited us for the first time this month. The kids gave him a new nickname, Glevan, because saying 'Uncle Evan' quickly sounds like Glevan. One of the activities that we planned for Evan's visit was a trip about ten miles up the mountain to the Holliday Gun Range. Yes, I was going shooting. This was no ordinary shooting, though. One of my neighbors makes a living training law enforcement employees how to shoot. He owns a lot of guns. I don't mean regular - I mean, well as he puts it, "the fun stuff." The three of us drove to the range and, in ten degree weather, proceeded to take turns shooting a 22, revolver, glock, 9mm, and half a dozen other automatic weapons. I shot some weapons that were worth $25K apiece. For someone who had never even touched a gun previously, here I was shooting automatic weapons at ice targets in the Wasatch Mountains. I was good too! Now, three weeks later, Glevan still has an erection from that shooting session. For me, it was not that big a deal. However, I got some cool pics!!!

Mick Hadar Goldstein!
I traveled to New Jersey with Sadie last week and got to spend my first bit of quality time with my nephew MICK!!! He is such a joyful little guy, so innocent and happy. He spent more time smiling than not and, without prior knowledge of what he's been through, you would have no clue! We bonded for sure. It was sad to leave but something tells me he will remember me when we meet again this June.

Isabel Skye Coleman
Day two of my New Jersey trip took Sadie and I to West Virginia to attend the baby naming for my neice Isabel. The family got to see Sadie for the first time since October and she had a great time!!! Isabel is gorgeous!

Elijah's Big Day
This Thursday, Elijah was presented with the Principal's Pride award at school for excellence at Math and Reading! The Principal of his school called him up, spoke about his achievements and handed him his award. He also won a certificate for free ice cream and free dinner at a local restaurant! We are so proud of our boy!!!!

So that brings us to the present! Next week, Deb is headed to New Jersey with Sadie to see the family and celebrate Amy's 30th birthday.

Have a good weekend everyone!!!


Jawdy said...

Thanks Valerie!! It's amazing how many people come through my blog and read it and then don't leave comments! It's good to see one once in awhile! Thanks for checking in!!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love your blog. You have a great sense of humor. Reminds me of my husband, who I forced to move to a different State. You have a wonderful family. Waiting for more posts.