Sunday, March 18, 2007

Coward Isaac

OK...see if you can follow along....

Hannah goes to Buttons & Bows every day for preschool. Several months ago, she started talking about a boy that went there as well. She said his name was 'Coward Isaac'.

Every day, Hannah would come home and talk about how she played all day with Coward Isaac and how he was her best friend. Just for fun I always asked Hannah what he was so scared of. She didn't get it.

In any case, believe it or not, the boy's name is not Coward Isaac at all. It's Isaac Howard. Close, right?

Anyway, Isaac and his family happen to belong to the synagogue and Deb knows his family well. I got to meet him recently and he's quite the cutie, with a head of red hair and an amazing affection for Hannah.

About a month ago, Hannah began saying how she's going to marry Coward Isaac. "I'm going to marry him, Daddy. 'Cause he loves me and I love him."

Interesting, at 3.5 years old....Deb and I thought it was adorable. Every day at dinner..."I am going to marry Coward Isaac."

Eventually, Hannah got the name right. Still, she was going to marry Isaac Howard. THEN, one fateful day in February, Hannah told us that Isaac Howard was hanging out with ANOTHER girl and he planned on marrying BOTH Hannah and this new girl.

Not on my watch!!

I told Hannah that she should stand her ground. It was either Hannah alone or she was out of the picture. I'll give Coward Isaac something to be scared about!!

So...she did! She told Isaac Howard that if he didn't just go out with her, then Hannah would not marry him and would break up with him.

Guess what? She broke up with him!

Here's the kicker...

The 'other woman'??

Isaac Howard's GRANDMOTHER.

Yes, Isaac Howard has decided to marry his grandmother.

Hannah has not lost any sleep though. She's going to marry Brennan now.

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I just love it!! can't wait to see you on April 5th!!
love tia perla