Saturday, March 24, 2007

1st Graders Can Read

So Deb was having some fun one day and sent me a graphic to my cellphone that said "I Love My Penis" only the word 'Love' was actually a heart. You know the kind. I thought it was hysterical and kept it in the memory of my phone.

This past Tuesday, I took Elijah to the Utah Jazz game with my friend Jonathan and his son Brennan. During the car drive home, I decided to show Jonathan the picture. Forgetting Elijah could read - even from the back seat - I pulled the picture onto the screen of my phone and held it up for Jonathan. We had a laugh and continued the drive home.

Fifteen minutes later, I heard a conversation starting from the backseat...

Elijah: Hey Brennan...

Brennan: Yes, Elijah.

Elijah: Guess what?

Brennan: What Elijah?

Elijah: My dad loves his penis.

Is that wrong?

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Anonymous said...

that is hilarious! Tyson and I both got a great laugh out of that. Aren't kids funny?!