Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I'm Alive!!!

OK OK....quiet down. So it's been awhile. Well, you are going to have to wait longer because I am waiting to post until I return from my 4 day jaunt to Vegas with the boys this weekend. We leave tomorrow and return on Sunday. It's our 40th birthday trip. It's Vegas - so NO QUESTIONS PLEASE!!

Actually, I just loved the penis bit from last post so I wanted to leave it up there as long as possible.

We had Bobe and Zeide and Carlos and Perla here for a couple of days last month and had a wonderful time. Pictures soon. You may have noticed that the pictures link is not operational to the right at this time. It's because I didn't like Kodak Gallery enough to sign up for a second year so I will be posting a new link for new pics soon - most likely on Flickr.

We are set for the big Jersey trip for 2 weeks in June!! My 40th birthday party is on the 9th - invites were sent out this week. It's an old-fashioned KEG party! It will be a blast!!

So that's all for now. Cool pics and stuff next week. Thanks for checking in!

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