Monday, September 24, 2007

N V T S Nuts!

I don't want to be premature here, but it seems as though Elijah and Hannah are actually getting along better these days. For those not in the know - the two of them have been fighting like dogs ALL THE TIME for the past year or so. They have their nice moments, but most of the time is just nark after nark after nark....ALL DAY LONG....

"Mommy, Elijah called my stuffed animal stupid."

"Daddy, Hannah said I wasn't allowed to eat dessert."

"Daddy, Elijah touched my shoulder in a rough way."

"Mommy, Hannah looked at me with one eye open."

"Mommy, Elijah was thinking about saying that I was a moron."

"Daddy, Hannah is still breathing."

Anyway, we've been waiting for them to get past all this and finally start being more friendly with eachother and the tide seems to be chaning ever so slightly these days.

The two of them have started playing this game with eachother that involves a nylon sleeping bag and a set of stairs. They line the stairs with the slippery sleeping bag and slide down the stairs at high speed as the bag flies up and lands on them at the bottom. It's fun to watch even if my heart nearly jumps out of my chest with every smack of their bodies against the ground at the bottom of the stairs. Legs go flying, bodies disappear in the rubble and the laughter never stops.

Last night as they were getting ready to call it a night, they started to get rammy (as kids often do as you ask them to wrap things up) and the play got more and more daring and loud. On the final trip down the stairs, Hannah's legs whipped up over her head and her left pinky toe smacked square into her brother's crotch.

Rolling over on the carpet with his hands cradeling his developing package, and in a fit of laughter, he screamed out a line I will never forget...



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