Tuesday, September 04, 2007

You Never Forget Your First One (well, Dad certainly won't)

So I picked up Elijah today from the Dojo as usual, around 6pm. We have a routine of sorts when I pick him up. He gets in the car, closes the door and says, "What's UP, Dad?" To which I almost ALWAYS reply, "Nothin' really....'SUP WITCHU?"

Then we go through his day and I hear about school and things like this. Today, I heard about something I had not heard about before and probably will hear about MANY MANY MANY more times in the coming years.

"Hey Dad....remember Sofia from my class in first grade last year, who's Mom is from Argentina?"

"Um....not really....I bet Mom does, though."


"'Scuse me? You got her phone number?"

"Yeah!! I really did!! It's in my shorts. Now I can call her and see if she can come over on the weekends."

I wasn't even ready to think about Bar Mitzvah dates yet and now THIS?

He went on to tell me that they were friends last year, but this year have taken the relationship to a whole new level. They started hugging last week, kissing on Friday, got to third base today and now are talking about retirement.

Actually, I faintly started hearing "Cat's in the Cradle" in the background during the whole ride home.

Tonight when he was going to sleep, I asked him how his friend Morgan was. Morgan has been in karate with him since he started. He told me she was doing well and that she got a whole new hairdo with two barettes and a part on the side.



Speaking of noticing...did you see that cool new Widget in the upper right of the page? It shows the location of folks who access the page. Pretty cool, huh? It's in test mode...not sure if I like it yet.


Abuela was here in town for a few days...seemed like a few hours. She left on Monday afternoon. Monday night the kiddies all had issues going to sleep. No matter how many books we read them or how long we cuddle with them, nothing compares to being put night-night by their Abuela. Nothing comes close. They were going to alternate nights with her - each getting two to themselves - but that didn't last. She slept with BOTH OF THEM on the final two nights. I don't know how she got any sleep in the queen sized bed. I don't think she cared much either. It was still vacation for her.

Deb and I got to have a DATE when Abuela was here....one that didn't cost us an extra bundle for babysitting!! This is a cool perk for when Abuela visits. THANKS ABUELA!! We miss you already!!!!!!

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