Sunday, July 27, 2008

New Jersey 2008!!!

We are jetlagged and exhausted! We arrived back in Utah this morning after waking at 4am to catch our flight from Philly. "We" is Deb, Sadie and I. Elijah and Hannah will remain in New Jersey through August with their family and friends.

We had a blast with everyone as we reconnected with tons of people and our schedules were packed with event after event.

As usual with these kinds of things, the story is best told through pictures so click here for the story!!


Candice said...

Move back.

mizkylie said...

The kids are gettin so BIG!! SUCH adorable kids you have, Hannah and Sadie are GORGEOUS! And Elijah is a little Lady-Killa. Ashtyn has the same Snow White outfit as Sadie in that pic! We are moving to Las Vegas soon, so come visit, I know you don't need an excuse to come to VEGAS!!

mizkylie said...

Can't remember if you had my family blog address, here it is just in case;) Tell Deb I said HELLO!