Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Thus ends the longest break in the five year history of Jawdy's Basement. I guess I've just been too busy or otherwise distracted to put it all on the blog. Either way, we are back at the keyboard and won't be going away again anytime soon.

The big news of the week is Hannah starting Kindergarten! This morning, Deb, Elijah and I took her to the doors of Ridgecrest for her first day of real school. As Elijah and I watched Deb walk her inside, I could not help but think, "man..this is the first day of about 17 YEARS of school for her..." She ran right into her class happily. Ms. Carter is her teacher and she's a legend around here. She happens to live just a few houses down from us so she recognized Hannah from the neighborhood, which certainly helped. Hannah is in morning Kindergarten, which means she will get bussed to The Winner School for her afternoon daycare every day. The bus went great today and everything went smoothly! We are proud of our little girl!

Last week was Elijah's big day as he started third grade at Ridgecrest. I cannot begin to explain how far this little boy has come. He's grown up and I am amazed by his progress from last year to this year. The best part for me is that he KNOWS IT. He talks about it. He is so proud of himself! He tells me when I pick him up at karate, "Dad, I have TWO PAGES of homework tonight. AND we have to read!" When we get home, we have dinner and he takes out his homework and does it perfectly. We've been reading an Indiana Jones book and he's doing great with that as well. Yesterday, the Sensei at the dojo told me that Elijah had "matured" since last year and acts as a mentor to the new kids in the Kickin' Kids program. He teaches them the rules and takes them under his wing. This could be the beginning of Elijah really "getting it" and taking the oldest child thing to heart. He calms Hannah and Sadie when they are upset and he genuine about it. He's just been adorable and he is amazing me every day.

Sadie is, as usual, unflappable. She started at The Winner School last week and she has preschool two mornings a week there as well. She's already made that "Sadie Impression" on her teachers and is as well adjusted just two weeks in. Oh yeah, she's cute as ever...

Candice, Scott and Mick were here in Utah for a week! They brought Elijah and Hannah back here from NJ and then, after spending a few days here at the house, left for several days in Moab at Arches National Park. After their time at the park, they returned for another few days here before heading back home to NJ and celebrating Mick's second birthday. The kids absolutely LOVE Mick and they miss him a ton already. Elijah was like a big brother to him and looked after him. Dad told Elijah last night that Mick looks up to him and that he's a good influence on Mick. That made Elijah happy.

Besides all that...the big news here in Utah is the weather breaking. We had a hail storm on Monday and patches of ice remained throughout the day. The mountains got their first snow and we are in the 50's at night. There is NOTHING like fall in Utah!

So, friends and family, there you have the long overdue update. I am sorry for the delay!! We will be back with more very soon.


valpal said...

I think Hannah is cute as Heaven. I am glad you updated your blog since I am a blog hopper and you have disapointed me all month. I guess I could have walked across the street and knocked on your door for an update but what fun would that have been and I was to lazy anyhow.

Colleen said...

Good Gawd, Jordan! Welcome back! Now I won't feel so bad for clicking! ~ Colleen

Anonymous said...

I agree with valpal- Hannah is cute as HEAVEN-please change that hell word! I too loved reading your blog, it had been too long thanks son.- Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Can Sadie get any cuter??? I love that girl.

Great picture of the 3 on the ground-