Friday, December 12, 2008

Elijah is NINE

Wow. What a sentence that is. Elijah is NINE YEARS OLD TODAY!! That means that I've been a daddy for nine years. At this point, it's all a blur but when I stop to think about it, I feel ancient. I shouldn't - I mean my dad has been a daddy for 41 and a half years. What does that make him?

This morning when Elijah woke up, he was in a fantastic mood, as expected. He was giving hugs to everyone for his birthday and I saw Hannah say, "Happy Birthday, Brother" and give him a hug. That was sweet. My favorite part of the morning, however, was when he turned to me and said, "Dad, I'm glad I made you a daddy." That was ultra-cool. I was all, "awwwww that was sweet" as I turned my head so he would not see the gloss in my eyes. Everything is a tear-jerker these days for me. Sometimes when Sadie says good morning to me, I choke up.

We were all in the kitchen at 8.10 this morning, which is 10.10 EST - the time Elijah was born. Deb said, "this is it - you were born exactly nine years ago this minute!" and, for just a second, I was whisked back to that day he arrived. The story of Elijah's birth and the days just before are classic and are well documented in a 30 minute piece of video we shot at the hospital. It was painful for all of us but Deb says it was the most painful of all three by far.

Tonight we went to the restaurant of Elijah's choice - Red Robin. They have the "cheesiest mac n cheese in the world" so we went to pump our cholesterol up a few notches. We gave him a DS game for his birthday. Bobe and Zeide got him a DS so we got him his first game. As I type this, he ran upstairs (10.36pm!) to tell me he reached a new level. STINKER!!! "I am already playing too much so I am going to bed" he just told me. LOL. You know, a year ago I would have had to take the game away but now he knows his limits with things and, every night, he is getting a good night's sleep and he does it on his own. It's amazing how kids grow up like that.

Now, Elijah's interests are baseball cards, Pokemon, video games and heavy metal. You can see some examples of his baseball card interest here.

So...Happy Birthday Elijah!!! Your last year of single-digits! Thanks for making me a daddy. I love you.


Anonymous said...

Our first sweet, adorable grand child- where does the time go? You are so big now- love to watch you on number1dragonoid!

John said...

wow...I was feeling it when my Boo turned 6 recently. I could really relate to this post...thanks!

We love Red Robin too...glad they turned that old abandoned Marie Callendar's near us into a Red Robin.

Anonymous said...

Elijah, I love the snowman note you gave your mom and dad on your birthday-

mizkylie said...

what a sweet post.... you softie!