Monday, January 12, 2009

The Greatest Date

Hello, blog. My name is Jordan. Remember me? It's been awhile......

Happy New Year? It is January 2009, right?

Somehow I've lost some track of time's been over a month since my last post and I have no excuses. The New Year came and went and here we are in mid-January and the days are just passing by....

This past Saturday was a good one, though. I had the best 5-hour date ever! It started about a week ago when Hannah asked to speak to me in private. She pulled me into the bedroom and sat on the bed. She looked serious. I asked her what was on her mind and she kinda beat around the bush for a few sentences. "You know how you spend all that time with Sadie?" Oh boy, I thought. She's sad because we have not had a lot of alone time in awhile. "Well, um, I think you should spend some time with JUST ME."

So we planned a date. I told her to think about what she wanted to do and we would do it! Friday night she had trouble going to sleep in anticipation. Saturday she got up and put on the outfit that she knew I loved the most. Then, around noontime, we set off...

1st stop: Toys R Us. Hannah wanted to go in and look at toys to get an idea of "what I can get for my birthday and next Hanukkah." We walked the entire store and looked at all the Hannah Montana stuff. You can't walk into a retail store of ANY KIND and not see something with Hannah Montana's face on it anymore. It's overkill to me but to Hannah - it's friggin awesome. I ended up getting her a waterbottle with her name on it. Cheap date so far!

2nd stop: Macaroni Grill. It was time for lunch. We drove to Hannah's favorite establishment - the Macaroni Grill. We got a table for two and read the menu. Hannah asked the waitress for "a kid's Coke, a salad with white ranch dip dressing with extra tomato and a kid's mac n cheese please!" I had a soup and sandwich combo.

Hannah shared my soup. It was delicious! Hannah didn't really like the oil dip for the bread but that's OK because she had crunchy croutons in her salad.

3rd stop: Olympus Lanes for a couple games of bowling. Hannah's been asking to go bowling for awhile now and since she can lift 6 pounds now (the lightest ball), we decided to go. She looked so damn cute in her bowling shoes and black tights!!! Hannah rolled the first few frames without a ramp but the ball got heavy so she used a ramp for the rest of the two games. She did great!!!

4th and final stop: Barnes and Noble. I love taking the kids there because they love the kids book section and they have a cool cafe where we can get hot cocoa. Hannah and I spent over an hour in the cafe. She had a hot cocoa and a chocolate chip cookie and I had a coffee and a peanut butter cookie. We played checkers for the entire time and Hannah nearly beat me!! I could not believe it! She refused to say "King Me", instead opting for "Queen Me." She shouted it out everytime she reached the back line. "QUEEN ME, Daddy. You are in TA-RUBBB-LE!" Afterwards, as we were getting up to leave, a woman who was sitting next to us the entire time told me that I had the most adorable daughter she'd ever seen. I told her she was a good judge of character.

We got home after 5pm and Hannah was beaming. A day with Daddy. I had just as much fun as she did. I also think it's important for her to experience what it's like to be treated right on a date and to demand respect and courtesy when she's on a date. Hopefully she will take these experiences with her for the rest of her life.

Next week it's Sadie's turn for a date with Daddy and then Elijah the week after. We are starting a tradition!



Britt2kick said...

So cute sounds like you two had a lot of fun. Now I wish I could come over to your house without Sadi crying that would be great, no she is adorable too.

Scott G. said...

Queen Me! That's awesome.