Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Don't Blink

As a younger person - when Elijah was first born - I had to endure listening to everyone more experienced in parenthood than I was, talk about savoring every moment.

"Make sure you savor every moment - because it goes by SO FAST....."

"You blink and they are grown up..."

That was yesterday........or was it?

Today I woke up and it's August of 2016.  It's just around six years since I last posted here and even longer than that since I posted anything about family.

So here you have it:

Elijah is 16.  He's going to be a junior in high school, getting his driver's license in December and has been dating Charlotte for around eight months.  The same kid who was the subject of dozens and dozens of posts on this blog about learning how to poop and discovering his penis has a job, a girlfriend and is two short years from college.

Hannah is 13.  She is three months post Bat Mitzvah, growing like a weed and Snapchats 450 times a day.  Hannah is the reason why this blog started in 2002.  I was writing a daily email to friends and family called the Deuce Daily and transferred it to a blog format while Hannah was being marinated.

Sadie is ten years old.  Amazing.  When I was at the height of posting here back in 2006 and 2007, we were living in Utah and Sadie was an infant.  She is entering 5th grade now and is just the most loving and wonderful kid.  She's my Pearly Sade.

Deb is doing well and enjoying her job for the first time in several years at the JFCS in Philadelphia and....

...well I will be celebrating my 50th birthday next June.

I think I blinked.

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