Sunday, August 21, 2016

Family Entertainment

Family dinners, vacations, bar and bat mitzvahs, weddings, childbirth.....all typical reasons for families to come together and spend quality time together.....for the typical family.

Our family?  Wrestling.  

All joking aside - the times that we find ourselves all in the same room these days are when the WWE is on TV.  That's World Wrestling Entertainment.  Yes, professional wrestling.

As I type this post, the other four members of my family are staring wide mouthed at the TV because they cannot believe that Charlotte just won the Women's Championship over Sasha Banks.  Sadie is particularly in shock.

When Deb and I were first married, we got into wrestling a little and our friends would come over once a month to watch the pay-per-views.  It became a bit of a rite of passage each month.  Watching The Rock and HHH and Mick Foley and The Undertaker and all of the wrestlers of the day.  Once we moved to Utah, we stopped watching and didn't watch a minute of wrestling for years until......Sadie and Hannah became interested.

Yes, Sadie and Hannah.  Not Elijah, although he's into it as well.  No, it was the girls - along with Deb - who got this engine going again.  Every Monday night from 8-11pm, Monday Night RAW is on my TV.  Every Tuesday night from 8-10pm, WWE Smackdown is on my TV.  Then, once a month on Sunday night from 7-11pm, WWE is on my TV again.  That's a shit-ton of wrestling.  AND, because I enjoy being with the family - I sit with them.  Sometimes I go on my computer, listen to music and wear my headphones.  Sometimes I block out the screaming and yelling coming both from the TV and the recliners in the room.  Either way, I am proud to say, I have a wrestling family.  And that's the bottom line, cause Stone Cold said so.


Special mention today to the late, great Seth Dembowitz, who would have turned 37 years young today.  I blogged about Seth the day after he was taken from us and you can read the story at the link below.

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