Tuesday, June 06, 2017


I am in my forties...for the next two hours.

Ten years ago tonight, I sat at a computer keyboard at my Mom's house and spoke to this blog for the final 40 minutes of my thirties.  The blog ended as I typed my final word and the clock struck twelve.  I was 40 years old and my emotions were extremely reflective.  Reading that post today for the first time since I wrote it was a big mindfuck, for lack of a better term...

I was living in Utah and visitng New Jersey for the week and there was to be this massive party for me and I was just all over the place.  I read the post three times today.  All I keep thinking about is WHERE DID THE LAST TEN YEARS GO???


Off the top of my head - and everyone who knows me knows that my memory entirely consists of previous meals and album art - here are some things that happened in the last ten years....

  • moved back from Utah in 2009 after closing my office during the height of the recession
  • took a job at my company HQ in Mt. Laurel in April 2009
  • lost EVERYTHING in the sale of our house in Utah so we could sell quick and get back here 
  • rented a home in Cherry Hill in 2009
  • Deb has had three jobs - one in Utah and two here 
  • Elijah had his Bar Mitzvah
  • we've owned or leased six cars (soon to be NINE)
  • Hannah had her Bat Mitzvah
  • we took a cruise (soon to take another in 35 days or so)
  • took a family vacation to Argentina
  • bought a home in Woodcrest (our third owned home in Woodcrest since 1998)
  • launched a radio show (Jawdy's Basement) and then a radio station (Raven Radio) that's lasted close to 150 shows to date.  It's on hiatus now but will come back at some point.
Who knows what I forgot....and that's just us!  Countless other milestones and achivements happened for our extended family and friends and man...ten years passes quick!!

My father in law said something interesting this past weekend.  He said that more major events happen between 50 and 60 than any other decade.  Kids graduate, go to college, get married and have kids of their own.  I may be a grandpa by the time I write my 60th birthday post.  Vomit.  Thanks Bochi!!!!

When I was turning 30, I was depressed about it.  I was scared and worried what the future held.

When I was turning 40, I was reflective, happy and content and anxious about the future.

Now that I am facing 50, I am surprised that I am not feeling any of those things at all.  In fact, I am feeling practically nothing out of the ordinary.  Not sure if that's a good thing or not.

Several people have told me it's just another day, but everyone handles these events differently and I tend to think about things more than most and so I expected to have some emotion....but nothing yet.

I was expecting to write a series of blogs on the upcoming big day but I've been uninspired to write about absolutely nothing and so I've waited until today.

I've been seeing the doctor every three months for checkups and bloodwork just to keep on top of things.  Next visit I get to schedule my colonoscopy.  I'm not worried, I told the doctor, as I've been practicing for months for this.  Should be a breeze.

We had a big party this past weekend here in the backyard.  Got a tent and everything.  It was one of the greatest days of my life.  We ate great food, listened to great music, spent time with friends and family and ended up in front of the fire pit for three hours roasting marshmallows and just relaxing.  That's livin'.

My cousin Luis and his wife Vivian came in from Panama to visit and they took me to the Iron Maiden concert in Philly as a birthday gift.  49 years old (NOT 50 yet!) and rocking to Iron Maiden still.  Hey - if it's too loud, you're too old!!!

My folks got me an Apple Watch.  The most amazing technology that didn't exist when I turned 40, is now sitting on my left wrist.  And, oh, it just told me it was time to stand up and move for a few minutes.  Bastard.  Hold on, I'll be right back - I have to do a quick lap of my living room. 

The Apple Watch is a device that you never thought you needed until you got one.  It's insane.  And it tells me I'm a fat slob.  Now I know why my Mom wanted me to get it.  A contstant reminder not two feet from my face that I need to lose weight.  Sometimes I give it the evil eye and just wait for Siri to announce, "Stud Muffin, your mother wants you to call her.  You never call her.  Also you are fat." 

Yeah, I programmed Siri to call me Stud Muffin.  

Just about an hour until my forties are over.  Funny thing about getting older - you can't stay up as late.  I won't make it to midnight tonight - at least not at this keyboard.  I'll be sound asleep when my forties fade away.  

Tomorrow when I wake up I will do the same exact thing that I did at 49 - wake up Hannah, wake up Elijah, make three lunches, see Elijah out the door, see Hannah out the door, see Deb out the door, wake up Sadie, shower, dress, eat breakfast with Sadie, see Sadie to her bus and drive to work.  

I love every minute of it and would not have it any other way.

The first 50 is in the books and now the colonoscopy era begins.  Life is good.


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Deb said...

I love you... and hope to spend the next 50 years by your side.... xoxoxoxo