Saturday, March 29, 2003

The Phillies season starts in 2 days!! Those of you who know ANYTHING about me know what a baseball nut I am. Always have been since my first game in 1976. It was at Yankee Stadium and the Yanks beat the Balimore Orioles. Carlos May his a homer for the Yanks. I still have the program. Nowadays, I am a partial season ticket holder for my beloved Phillies. I have 35 games this season including opening day. Eight of these games go to Dad who gets eight every year. Some of the others I will have to sell because of time constraints. With Deuce coming in guess is that there won't be much time to go to many games this season. Next year we get a new ballpark. I am stoked!! My goal is to someday get full season tickets so I can take Elijah to a ton of games (and Deuce too).

Anyway...tomorrow is a big day. We are hoping that the sellers of our "almost" new house will sign the real estate contracts so we can finally move on trying to see our house. There have been some minor problems with them and the contracts and we hope that's behind us. There is an open house here tomorrow so we hope to get good traffic. So much going on!!

As always, I would love to hear your comments and stories of things you see in here. Send them to me, and let's dialog!

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