Wednesday, April 23, 2003

As we approach the due date for Deuce, preparations are being made for this very website to become the home of what is now called, The Deuce Daily. Many people have asked how the Daily came to be. I will put the story here on the site so it is forever archived. When Deb got pregnant in March of 1999, we named the fetus Peabody. It was nicer and warmer to say than "the baby" or just "it". I became curious with what was going on inside Deb's body and subscribed to several newsletters that explained the daily development of the fetus. Each day, I sent Deb an e-mail with those details. It was called the Peabody Update. After 6 or 7 months of sending her 5 e-mails per week at work, several close family members asked to receive copies of the Update. By the time Peabody was born and became Elijah, about 5 people were getting the daily updates. They stopped the day Elijah arrived. When we discovered we were pregnant this time in August 2002, people pushed me to re-start the newsletter and I decided I would do that only if I could use it partly as a personal journal as well. The Deuce Daily was born in October 2002. We started with 10 or so readers and it now goes out to over 100 people. Who knows how many read it because many readers go and forward them on to other people as well. It's wild. I just find it so amazing that people want to read the personal diary of a regular guy.

Anyway, I want this site to grow into a home of sorts for my writings going forward. After Deuce is born, I am going to discontinue sending daily e-mails to everyone and will instead feed this site with information that would have gone into the Daily. I am still working on titles, style and other things.

So that's it for today. I am also working on another blog called "Pick Your Noise" with my buddy Richard. It will be more music based and will link to this blog. As always, send me an e-mail, and keep in touch!!

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