Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Get Up and Boogie!

If you were smiling when you read the title of the Daily today then you know what's coming. This morning, Elijah woke up at 5:00 calling for his mommy to take him to the potty. I got out of bed to take him and he did not like it. He wanted MOMMY to take him. Well, as expected, Mommy is in bed comfortable and 9 months pregnant, and would rather not get up just yet. So I picked him up with his protests and put him on the potty. Nothing. "I want MOMMY to take me. I want MOMMY to take me!!" I stood there for about a minute. Finally, Deb comes into the bathroom and as soon as she says, "I'm here," he starts to pee. How bizarre. Anyway..he gets in our bed and it's pitch black in the room. We lay down to get a final hour or sleep and out of the blue, he makes an announcement. "I got the boogie!!" What boogie. "Daddy, mommy, I got the boogie!!!"

So Deb casually asks, "What are you going to do with the boogie, Elijah?"

"Put it on the bed."

"Um...sweetie...make sure you put it on DADDY'S pillow....K?"

"Um...OK, I'm gonna put it on the bed."

Well, I guess he moved his arm to "put the boogie on the bed" but what he failed to consider was that I was hugging him at the time. My arms were wrapped around him. So the next thing I feel is his finger running down my arm, ridding himself of the boogie. Of course, I started waving my arms in rejection of said boogie and yelled, "OH MAN!" (for those of you who are familiar with Dora the Explorer). Well, Deb has a queasy stomach. She always has but this pregnancy thing has her stomach on edge 24/7. She can't even be in the bathroom when Elijah is "sticking." So she puts 2 and 2 together as I am waving my arms and starts gagging violently. Finally she sits up to get her breath. She nearly vomited. I was hysterical in silent laughter and Elijah fell asleep (he could breathe now).

Worst part? I still can't find the boogie.

Don't hug your honey when his nose is may think it's funny but it's snot.

By today, the circumference of Deuce's head and abdomen are about equal.

FALSE vs. TRUE LABOR....If you stand or walk when you're having a contraction, the force of gravity will make the contractions more efficient and will reduce the time of labor. By the end of pregnancy, the smooth muscle cells of the vagina are enlarged and the supportive connective tissues are reduced. Thus, the vaginal walls have become sufficiently relaxed to permit the passage of Deuce during birth.

If Deuce is a girl, over the last three or so days the labia majora has formed over the labia minora. Wow. How many men out there know that there were TWO!

Frequent urination can help labor progress: a full bladder will push against the uterus, causing discomfort.

This date in the Elijah pregnancy marked Deb's last day of work. She's sticking it out this time until the 8th of May. Trooper!! Actually, we have had no real concerns to date so she feels comfortable going into work. Everything is progressing nicely!!

That's all for now!! It's the last day of the month so I need to get back to work! See ya tomorrow!!


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