Friday, May 02, 2003


One of the unbelievable characteristics of a pregnancy is the process of nesting. Its one of those things that happens to everyone towards the end of the nine months. You hear about it happening and you read about it but you don't know quite what it feels like until BAM!! It hits you suddenly. Those who have gone through it know what I mean - you are probably laughing right now. For those who don't know, it's like a voice comes into your head and threatens you with castration if you don't fix up the house and yard. There's a baby coming - everything has to be perfect. What if the baby comes home for the first time and there's dust in the den? He or she will NEVER forgive us!! Deb and I have been hit with the nesting bug this week. All of a sudden, I'm NOT lazy....that's how I know it hit me. This weekend I am going to clean up my yard (don't fall off your chair, Dad). YES - I am cleaning my own yard - stop laughing. Inside the house, Deb and I will work on Deuce's room - emptying clutter and getting it ready to house it's second baby. There's not a lot of work in there but I am sure we will go over everything twice. Did I mention I am cleaning my yard? It's so funny, nesting is. I have these urges - even now as I write this: I have to buy heavy duty garbage bags for leaves and sticks, I have to bring boxes in from the garage to pack up Elijah's old stuff, WAIT - the garage - it also needs cleaning...and what about formula? Do we have 12 cases of formula??? UGGHHH!!!! I hope to be back to normal on Monday.

Last night we had our weekly doctors appointment. All is well. One difference between this pregnancy and the Elijah pregnancy is with these appointments. With Elijah, the doctor was doing internal exams every week at the end. This time, not ONE! The doctor said there is no need unless something is going on. That's kinda cool because we have Elijah at the appointments and the quicker we are in and out the better. Deb's last day at work is Thursday the 8th. The doctor also told us that 2 weeks is the max they will wait after the due date to induce which means...we are definitely having Deuce in MAY!! It's ALMOST HERE!!!!!!! I gotta clean something!!!

At this point in development, the average baby weighs about 6 pounds and measures about 13 3/8 inches.

DID YOU KNOW that a number of tribes lubricate a laboring woman's birth canal with saps or oils to make the delivery easier. That's good to know....bring saps to the hospital!!!

P-Tips...It's common for babies to develop a fear of shampooing, as soap and water sometimes makes its way into little eyes. To avoid these problems, place colorful stickers on the ceiling over the tub to get the baby to look up...then you can rinse the suds off!

Contrary to popular understanding, human gestation actually requires nine and a half lunar months, not nine. These last two weeks are for that additional period. Over the next few days, Deuce's skin will become thicker and paler.

FALSE vs. TRUE LABOR....The contractions of true labor may be accompanied by diarrhea.

DID YOU KNOW that if a laboring woman is tiring of progress is slowing, many cultures know to stimulate the woman's nipples so that oxytocin will be released into her system. He he...should NOT have told me that. FOLKS - pack the clothespins!

Over the next couple of days, Deuce's lungs will begin to increase their production of a surfacant, which will keep the air sacs in the lungs open.

Your uterus is highly muscular and weighs 2.5 pounds now that Deuce is fully developed. During a contraction, the uterus feels hard to the touch.

IMPORTANT ALL PREGGOS!!!! Be prepared to call your practitioner when signs indicate that you are ready to go to the hospital or birth center. Don't worry about the time of day. People who attend births expect to be called at all hours!!!

Happy 4th Anniversary to Sparkle and Lisa!!! We love you!!!

That's all for now!! Sorry no Daily yesterday..busy here at work. Have a good weekend!!!


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