Thursday, May 08, 2003

The Gifts of Life

As we make final preparations for the arrival of Deuce, we are following a sort-of "checklist" to make sure we do everything. Things like packing the hospital bag, buying onesies and swaddling blankets, etc. One thing is different this pregnancy than the last; this time there is a sibling involved. I've written before about Elijah's preparation for Deuce. He's been to sibling class, we have read him all the books and he's seen videos. We believe he is as ready as he can be. He even goes to the doctor appointments with us and listens to Deuce's heartbeat. This week, we took another step to ease the transition for Elijah. We took him to the store and bought a present for him to give to Deuce when he/she is born and we bought a present for Elijah from Deuce that we will give him after the birth as well. Elijah picked out a cuddly stuffed teddy bear that plays sounds of the womb so Deuce can rest next to it. Adorable. Elijah is also going to give some of his artwork to us to put in the hospital for when Deuce arrives and, of course, we are taking pictures with us to the hospital as well. The past few nights, Elijah has been sleeping with Deuce's blankie as well as his own. He's warming it up for Deuce.

Poor Elijah has been sick these last few days. Today he is going to the doctor to get checked out. Tomorrow is a date that Deb's been looking forward to for a long time. It's the Mother's Day Tea at Elijah's school. The kids all made gifts for Mother's Day and tomorrow they are hosting an afternoon tea for the moms. Very adorable. Deb was hoping that Deuce would wait until after the tea and it looks like that will be the case!!

The color of Deuce's skin is beginning to change from reddish or pinkish to white or bluish pink (even in babies with dark pigmentation). Changes in Deuce's skin color are due to the growing thickness of the fatty layer under the skin's surface. Earlier in development, the skin was so transparent and the body contained so little subcutaneous fat that if you could have seen Deuce, you would have seen its organs through its skin. Now, the growing layer of fat gives Deuce's skin an opaque quality and masks the color of the muscles and circulating blood cells.

Week 37 draws to a close. You may notice more of a change in your gait, since your balance is being thrown off by your enlarged uterus and the shifting position of Deuce. I can tell you first hand that Deb is waddling. Every time I see her walking I find myself humming the old Weebles song in my remember...."weebles wobble but they don't fall down..."

DID YOU KNOW that in Scandinavian countries like Sweden and Denmark, they get close to a YEAR of paid maternity leave? Deb gets 6 weeks.

My journal for the Elijah pregnancy says that Deb had trouble sleeping around this time. Not so much these days. Her hands feel better with the braces she is wearing so she is getting better sleep. A little back pain now and again but overall - no big thing!

"We've had bad luck with our kids - they've all grown up."

That's all for now. A belated Happy Birthday to Uncle Evan, who is a year older than I am (until June 7). :-)

Have a good Thursday! Doctor tonight!


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