Monday, May 05, 2003

Next, please!

"Hey there. I just wanted to let you know that Maryann had a baby boy on
Friday. His name is Anthony Lucas Barbosa.....Anthony...what a great
name..... he is lbs. 15oz and 20 inches long. I met him on Saturday and he
is just beautiful. They are both doing great."

These are the words I got today from Anetta, a Daily reader and friend of Maryann. You've been seeing Maryann's updates here in the daily for months and now she is a mommy!! Anette - if you read this - please give us the weight! You left off the number in your e-mail!! Please get a picture as soon as you can too so I can broadcast that!!

Guess who's next!!!

The weekend was uneventful. Deb is feeling great, except for some minor back pain. We talk all the time about how great the pregnancy has been. It resembles the Elijah pregnancy very much. That's a good thing because he turned out great! There is a book I read to Elijah every night called "I'm a Big Brother." It's a story about a boy who gets a new baby sister. It's a great book and Elijah knows it by heart. The cute thing is that he's replaced all of the "baby" references with "Deuce" and all of the "I" references to "Elijah." So when I read him the book, it reads like he is talking about Deuce. I think he's ready.

We spent the weekend going through Deuce's room and cleaning it out. Every two minutes we would pause because we would find something that Elijah used or wore when he was a baby. The memories!! We would look at eachother and say the same thing, "we are going to do this all over again!" I can't wait!

From this point on, Deuce will gain about 1/2 an ounce of fat each day it stays in your uterus.

The muscles at the top of your uterus apply a force comparable to a weight of 55 pounds during each contraction. This shows how much force must be applied to resistant muscles to open the cervix and push Deuce out of the uterus during birth.

Don't Panic!!! Keep your list of emergency numbers in a convenient place. If you are in labor and can't get to the hospital, dial 911. Unlock your door and lie down. Pant to avoid pushing until help arrives. Labor can take many hours, however, so don't panic if you must wait a little while for a ride.

The lanugo (downy hair that once covered Deuce's body) is disappearing. If any of the lanugo remains by birth, it will be found on Deuce's shoulders, forehead, and neck.

FALSE vs. TRUE LABOR...You might be interested in other women's descriptions of the experience of true labor. many women compare the contractions of true labor to waves: gathering, rising, breaking, falling. The pressure builds in the uterine muscles and reaches a peak that lasts thirty to fifty seconds or so. Then the pressure disappears rapidly. When it's over you feel nothing until the next contraction. To some, the gripping sensation of the contraction feels like bad menstrual cramps or intestinal cramps. Most women report that persistent backache accompanies the contractions. Labor is a well-named phenomenon. It's the work that you will do to bear your baby. Although the work is difficult, few jobs are as rewarding or satisfying. (for the daddy too!)

10 days until the official due date......


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