Wednesday, May 07, 2003

No no no...not YET!

There was no baby!!! Funny how not sending out a Daily makes people crazy....everyone thought we were in the hospital!! Not so...just very busy on the road yesterday and at home with Elijah who was feeling under the weather. Actually there are no signs of baby just yet. It's looking to me like the 15th is an accurate date after all. Deb still feels great - almost TOO good! Tomorrow is her final day at work and she is ready to get into baby mode.

Elijah was home sick, as I said above, and I took the morning with him until Deb came home at 12:30. His fever was gone and he was getting some sleep on our bed while watching The Wiggles on TV. When I went upstairs to get him I was giving him a big hug and he said,

"Daddy, I put it on your side of the bed."

"Put WHAT on my side of the bed."

"The boogie."

"WHAT boogie?"

"The one I took out of my nose."

When a co-worker asked me why I stayed home with Elijah this morning, I told her he had Boogie Fever. I thought it was funny.. :-)

Deuce will have no functioning tear ducts for a couple of weeks. The first cries are always tearless ones.

There are many reasons why you may have trouble sleeping from now on. Deuce may be much more active, you may be experiencing periodic contractions, and you are probably anxious and anticipating the birth. All of this is very predictable and common.

The average length of a newborn's umbilical cord is 2 feet, but the cord can vary from 5 inches to more than 4 feet long. By the time of birth, the cord is capable of carrying about 300 quarts of fluid per day. Absolutely amazing. Can you imagine?

When Deuce settles deep into your pelvis, you may feel clumsy and off-balance. That is because your center of gravity has shifted as Deuce changed its position.

This date in the Elijah pregnancy was Thanksgiving. Deb's sister Melissa announced she was pregnant with a baby that would become Elijah's cousin Joshie! I wrote in my journal that we were "almost there" and I am writing the same thing today!!

I promise to get SOMETHING out to you each day until the birth so there are no false alarms!! Until tomorrow....I remain...


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