Thursday, May 15, 2003

The Luckiest Man in The World

It's 8:20am and I am in a fog. Last night at 11:40pm, Deb and I were blessed the most magnificent of gifts. Hannah Leora Borenstein. 6 pounds 12 ounces. 19.5 inches long. Pure joy! She looks like her brother!

Deb was on a petocin drip all day long. Contractions began at 1:30pm and she had an epidural at 3pm. She was completely dilated at 8pm but Hannah's head was face up and they wanted rotation so Deb slept for a few hours and began pushing at 11pm sharp. Actually, we wanted to see American Idol and the Sixers game before we started pushing. :-)

Hannah arrived at 11:40. I got to cut the cord and we had 7 people in the waiting room file in. Her first feeding was around 2:45am and she sucked on that bottle like she had never eaten before in her life! I had to say that because I'll never get to say that about her again...

I am home for a brief period and then going to pick up Elijah. He will be meeting his little sister at 10am sharp. It's a moment we have been waiting for for many months. Elijah has a gift for Hannah and Hannah has a gift for Elijah.

Elijah's picture was hanging in the delivery room the whole time...Deb kept looking at it for inspiration.

Enjoy the 3 pictures attached here. They were taken before Hannah was 5 minutes old.

Thank you all for your incredible support and encouragement through everything. This has been a great trip....and it's just beginning!!!

I'll send some followups in the next day or so and then move everything to the weblog

on to life!!


WOW - I JUST got word that ANOTHER Daily reader had HER baby this morning at 6:35!!! A boy! Here is the e-mail I received from Becky's manager at work..

"I received a call from Manny and Becky will not be in because she gave
birth to a little boy this morning at 6:35am. Manny said she was having
some pains last night around 4:00 am they went to the hospital around
5:50 am and now she is mother ot a healthy six pound boy. Manny said
that she is fine."

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