Sunday, May 18, 2003


I have two kids. I say that to myself every few hours. Yep - I got TWO!! Boy and a girl. Yep. Two kids. Then I vomit. How is it that I look up and have two kids? Just 5 minutes ago I was sitting at the kitchen table eating Elios pizza, playing Strat-O-Matic Baseball and thinking about how I was going to pass Geometry. Now...that's right....I have two kids. So...the question arises..what happens to Deuce? Is there a Deuce anymore? I guess there always will be a Deuce. If you ask Elijah, there still is a Deuce - he calls her "Deucey" as much as he calls her Hannah. He also calls her "Cutey" which we all think is so adorable. Deuce will be here forever in one form or another.

I gotta tell you about the video I shot when we got home from the hospital. Deb was on the couch with Hannah and Elijah asked to hold her. We gave Elijah the boppy pillow and we put Hannah on his lap. The next 6 minutes were sent from heaven. Elijah bonded with his sister. He told her he loved her and he touched her with a gentle hand that was guided by the greatest joy. He said, "This is my baby sister!" After a few minutes he passed Hannah to mommy with a smile. He asks to hold her all the time now and after a few minutes he gives her up and runs to play somewhere. It's almost like he's getting his fix of love every few hours. It's awesome to watch.

People have asked what Elijah's reaction was when he met Hannah for the first time. He walked into the hospital room and yelles, "Deuce is out!" Then he asked to see her vagina. Nice.

We have had a constant flow of visitors since we have been home. Parents and friends are coming and going and Hannah is taking is all great. Today, Buba (my grandmother) gave Hannah her first sponge bath. They are 95 years apart in age. Incredible. It's one Kodak moment after another.

That's all for now..I am tired so I am going to rest. I am home from work until Wednesday and there are more stories to tell so stay in touch...


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