Monday, April 28, 2003

The Final Frontier

It kind of hit me yesterday. Deb, Elijah and I were getting ready to go to the Phillies game. It was a beautiful 73 degrees and we were going to celebrate the Phillie Phanatic's birthday. Elijah was so excited and there were 40,000 people there. In the car I thought, "I am going to the baseball game with my NINE month pregnant wife." She's been pregnant for NINE MONTHS! WHOA! Isn't that when the BABY comes??? We are so close!! In any case, if you saw the sports news, then you know what happened at the game. After the Phanatic's celebration (it was great), Kevin Millwood of the Phillies went out and threw a no-hitter against the Giants. The first no-hitter at Veterans Stadium in 13 years. Phenominal. So, right after the last out was recorded and there was a big celebration on the field, I looked at Elijah and said, "you just witnessed HISTORY!!" He looked at me with big wide eyes and said, "YEAH!! I saw Phillie Phanatic's birthday party!!" OK, so we have a little ways to go with the baseball thing. Anyway, he must have been TOTALLY into the whole thing because when we got home at 5:30, he got in bed and did not get up until this morning at 6:15. I mean, the boy was OUT. When he opened his eyes this morning his first words were, "Daddy...I don't have my jam jams on."

What a weekend it was! Our wedding anniversary started out great - I sent a dozen roses to Deb at work on Friday and she CALLED OUT. Great! of her co-workers, and fellow Daily reader I must add, Kelly, brought them home and I spent Saturday morning driving to Yardley to pick them up! Thank goodness they survived and look great.

The bag is packed and you preggos should make sure yours is too!! I got a portable electronic Yahtzee game in there and lots of other goodies! Ya gotta be ready!!

Within the next three days, the circumference of Deuce's head will roughly match the circumference of its shoulders and its hips.

FALSE VS. TRUE LABOR....The contractions of true labor become progressively stronger and more painful as time passes and aren't interrupted by changing one's position.

When timing contractions (your doctor will have you look for contractions a certain number of minutes apart), don't expect perfect, even intervals. If, for example, you are supposed to call your doctor when your contractions are four minutes apart, expect them to be about four minutes apart rather than exactly four minutes apart.

DID YOU KNOW...that in the Mayan culture, a midwife gives a woman a special massage twenty days after she gives birth. This massage marks the end of the postpartum period.

As you might expect, Deuce's limbs are bent and drawn close to its body. Because of the space limitations in the uterus now, the movements of Deuce are quite restricted.

DID YOU KNOW...that when a Comanche Indian woman is in labor, she goes to a clearing a short distance from her camp where three four-foot stakes are set in the ground ten feet apart. She walks while she labors, and during each contraction, kneels down near a stake, grasping it on a level with her head. She is assisted by a female relative.

"Parents: People who spend half their time wondering how their children will turn out, and the rest of the time when they will turn in."

Have a great Monday everyone!!!


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