Friday, August 22, 2003


You're smiling. Guaranteed. WHY?? I just don't get it. Why is the word penis so damn funny? It's one of those words that was funny when you were 3 years old and it's just as funny when you are 63. Elijah sings this song with us called "Willaby Wallaby" sometimes. You may have heard of it. goes "Willaby Wallaby _______, an elephant sat on ______." You fill in the blanks with people's names. So let's say we did Hannah. You change the first letter of the name to a 'W' in the first line. So it's, "Willaby Wallaby Wannah, an elephant sat on Hannah." You get the idea. "Willaby Wallaby Wordan, an elephant sat on Jordan." Anyway, it gets funny as you go along. Well, recently, Elijah has this thing with using the word penis in the song. "Willaby Wallaby wenis, an elephant sat on penis." Of course, this is followed by bellowing laughter by all of us. Why is the word penis so funny??? I mean, a three year old has no idea why it's there, other than to go pee pee, right? We go in the shower sometimes and Elijah points to mine and says, "I see your PENIS!!" I just don't get it. Well, hey, at least he admits to seeing it. The words 'leg' or 'arm' or 'foot' just don't make people laugh. Go into a crowded room and say the word 'penis' and people start gagging with laughter. I think the only other word that has the same effect is 'tushy'. Willabee wallaby wushy, an elephant sat on tushy.

Hannah is huge. She's like 5 feet tall already. I think she can dunk. Actually, relative to her height at birth, she probably COULD dunk! She's getting close to starting on food. Soon you will see pictures of Hannah's face covered in peas on the goodies site.

Hannah and Eli are both going to Deb's sisters house every day. Elijah will be going to school in the fall with his cousins so that's very nice. He loves spending his days over there with Joshie and it's so convenient for us too. We are lucky!

Deb went back to work this past Monday. I can't believe it's been 3 months since Hannah came into the world!! Time really does fly. She's smiling now and she laughed for the first time this week. She has a ticklish belly. :-)

So everyone have a GREAT weekend!! I am posting new pictures at the Goodies Site right now so go there and if you have not signed the guestbook yet - DO IT!!!


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