Tuesday, August 12, 2003

How To Follow Up on Morning Wood

Good day! I've been delaying my update here for a few days because of the reaction to the morning wood story. It seems to have moved into cult status as many people are reading it who don't usually access the site. How do I follow that up?? Elijah has been rather quiet this last week as far as good material goes. He is happy that he is moving schools in the fall. We took him out of the JCC and are moving him to Temple Adath Emanu-El in Mt. Laurel so Deb's sister Melissa can transport him back and forth with her own children every day. He gets to go to school with his cousins and spend more time with his favorite cousin Joshie. It's good for him.

We have our favorite house guests this week!! Spencer, Lynne and Elijah's best friend Sydney are here!! They are staying at our house until tomorrow afternoon and will return for the weekend. They are on vacation and Elijah loves hanging with Sydney. If you ever get the chance to eavesdrop on a conversation with a couple of three-year olds...do it. There is nothing more adorable. Last night around 10pm we were driving home from a BBQ and Eli and Sydney were in the back talking and it went something like this...

SYDNEY: Elijah, see the trees?

ELI: Yes - they are green.

SYDNEY: The branches are purple.

ELI: No - they are green. Barney is purple.

SYDNEY: The branches are purple. Look at Luna.

ELI: Luna the moon! He's behind us...look!

SYDNEY: Luna is in the clouds.

ELI: He's behind us...LOOK SYDNEY!!! He's BEHIND US!!!!!

SYDNEY: Luna is in the clouds!! The moon is in the clouds.

ELI: DADDY! Sydney said that the moon is in the clouds. I have to go potty.

I love kids.

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