Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Size Dosen't Matter

It happens to every male. Don't deny it!! You wake up in the morning and stretch and get out of bed and....yep - you guessed it...morning wood. Don't be embarassed!! It's NORMAL. Does not mean a thing - it's just there. You get used to it after awhile. It does not cause any problems or pain. The ONLY drawback of morning wood is trying to use the bathroom. You have to twist like a pretzel so you don't squirt the walls. Sometimes, on special mornings, you REALLY have to bend and twist cause that sucker aint goin' NOWHERE!

What does that have to do with my family? Nothing. I just thought I would relate that information to you.

Just kidding.

This morning, Elijah woke up and had to go potty, as always. So at 6:15 I took him to the bathroom and he dropped his pants and...yep - morning wood. He has no idea, of course, so he proceeds to band halfway over the toilet to go pee pee. No big deal. So he gets in bed with us like always and he's watching Bear in the Big Blue House. Ten minutes later he shakes Debbie and says...

"Mommy, my penis is too big for my pajamas!"

Thank goodness it was dark in the room. He could not see me doubled over in silent laughter. So we don't want to encourage him about the we don't laugh at all. Instead, Deb asks him why that is. Now here where I get a moment of clarity. As soon as Deb asks him why that is, I have a vision of Elijah replying, "Bear looks HOT on TV today." NO!

So Elijah replies, "It's going to rip my pajama pants, Mommy!"

Mom's thoughts...."oh goodness...change the subject about baseball or something..."

Dad's thoughts....."YESSS!! That's my BOY!!! WOO WOO!!!!!" High Five!

Reality....."It's OK, Elijah, your pants won't rip. How about those Phillies? They won a BIG game last night!"

My morning in a nutshell. Gotta love it.

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