Tuesday, July 15, 2003

The Mexican Wedding, Hannah's Official Name and WHITESNAKE

"What are three things Jordan took part in this past weekend."


What a weekend!!! Saturday night was spent at Deb's parents' house celebrating the engagement of her sister Amy and fiance Brett. It was a great party out on the deck with lots of beer and lots of beer. AND they had lots of beer too! Amy and Brett are getting married in January. In Mexico. So we are going to make it a vacation! We are headed down there for a week in mid-January to live it up a little and celebrate a wedding on the beach. It should be very cool - breaking the traditional tuxedo/limo wedding thing. I am looking forward to wearing sandals to a wedding! Brett said there were 30 or so people confirmed to go.

After getting home and getting to sleep, I wake up on Sunday morning and we host 80 people at our house for Hannah's baby naming ceremony. 80 people! The Rabbi was stationed downstairs and we squeezed maybe 40 of the guests down there while the rest stood on the stairs or at the top of the stairs. It was PACKED! I wish I had sold tickets! The ceremony was terrific and Hannah is now officially named along with her cousin Ariana. It was actually a double ceremony all wrapped up as one. I will post the naming ceremony "program" in the next day or so here at the site. Deb did a fantastic job creating the literature and it's a beautiful packet.

So the people file out of my house and it looks like it was hit by Hurricane Claudette. We had a cleaning person that did a nice job but there's no way to see ALL of the cake frosting smeared into the walls and tabletops. There's no way to see all the SHOE marks on the walls of the stairway that occur when 4 year olds walk up the stairs SIDEWAYS. There's no way to see the puddle of pee-pee NEXT to the toilet that a stray 3 year old created - right before he announced to the crowd, "I JUST WENT POTTY ALL BY MYSELF!" There's no way to see ALL of the poppy seeds that fell of the bagels during the luncheon. I mean, POPPY SEED BAGELS?? Who ordered these? Never again. This morning as I was stepping into my shower, I felt a sharp pain in my foot and found a freakin POPPY SEED lodged between two of my toes. Those things SMART when you step on 'em! It's plain bagels from now on. Anyway, the cleaning crew comes today so when I get home it will smell like lemon and whitefish salad. Ahhh.....

After the naming it's off to Melissa and Brian's house for Joshies third birthday party. We are pooped by then and it's only 3pm. So I stay there for a bit and then hop in the car and head to the PERFECT ENDING to my day....

If you guessed Trenton, NJ for the Whitesnake concert - then you are CORRECT!!! Gary, Michael and I go to these hard rock shows all the time. It's our guilty pleasure. We can act like 16 year olds for a few hours and look at metal chicks. I love metal chicks. BUT that's a topic for another post. This time is was Slaughter, Winger, Warrant, and Whitesnake. Awesome!! It was LOUD and there were metal chicks everywhere. I think we were the only Jewish people there though. I KNOW I was the only one there who ALSO had a baby naming ceremony for his daughter that same day at his house! I was in bed for the night just after midnight. Exhausted and satisfied.

Bottom line - my day began with prayer and thanking god for my daughter and ended with me pumping my fist to songs like "Cherry Pie", "Slide it In" and "Slow and Easy." THAT'S THE LIFE.

Rock on.....


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