Monday, July 07, 2003

The Best Therapy

Ever notice how sometimes you can talk to a complete stranger, or someone you don't know all that well, and the words they say make you feel so much better? Sometimes, people who don't fully understand are the best listeners and offer the best advice. My wedding ring is missing. Somehow I gave it to Deb to hold while I put suntan lotion on Elijah this weekend and we have not found it yet. It's in the house somewhere...just not where we can see it right now. It sucks but we know it will turn up at some point. Anyway, I asked Elijah several times if he knew where my ring was and he didn't really show much interest at all. Sometime that night, he asked me to play with him and he saw my sad face. His face became sad almost immediately and he said, "Daddy, you're not sad, you're happy!" I said I was a little sad because I could not find my ring. He walked over and took my hand in his and said, "Don't worry Daddy, we will find your ring. Maybe not today but we will find it tomorrow." Suddenly, I felt 100% better. I BELIEVED HIM! So we played for another half hour or so and then I put him in his bed and he said he wanted to help me find the ring. We looked all over his room (I knew it was not in there but he had hoped it was). After we couldn't find it, he went to bed and so did I...knowing that I would find it...tomorrow.


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