Tuesday, July 22, 2003

The Proudest Parents

What a whirlwind 48 hours! My grandmother Pearl (Buba) was taken to the hospital by 911 on Sunday AM and on Monday she had taken a severe turn for the worse. She's 97 years old and her ailments are typical of what you would expect in a 97 year old. Renal failure, pnumonia, etc. Well, as always, Buba pulled through and made a magnificent recovery. She's being discharged tomorrow and looks 100% better.

Today, Deb went to visit her in the hospital with Elijah and Hannah. Elijah did not know that Buba was sick. He understands that the hospital is where babies are born and where sick people go to get better. Deb told him he was going to visit Buba in the hospital so he must have figured that she wasn't having a baby...she must be a little sick. Well, they walked in the hospital room and...well - I'll let Deb tell the rest...

"Elijah saw Buba and he went over to her and he said, "Are you OK Buba?" and he saw the patch from the EKG machine on her chest. He said, "Oh Buba, let me take that off for you," and he gently pulled off the patch. "See Buba? You're all better now." Then he fixed the corner of her nightgown (it was falling off her shoulder) and said "See Buba, you are going to be all better." He gave her a hug. Little did he know that Grace, Candice and I were all welled up standing behind him. I have never seen a boy so sweet and caring to an older person. It's like he knew that Buba had been ailing. He was so tender and understanding. If Buba was 90% better when he walked in, she was 100% after 2 minutes of him being there."

Yes, he can be a terror sometimes...he's THREE for crying out loud!! I have to remind myself of this sometimes when he's running around a restaurant yelling, "I'm SUPERMAN!" He is also the most tender, gentle boy I have ever seen and he keeps on amazing us with episodes like the one today in the hospital.

Anyway, it looks like Buba will be going straight to a 24 care facility from the hospital. It's a very difficult move for Mom, who has been taking care of Buba in her house for 5 years, but she decided today it was best. Mom needs her life back and Buba is becoming increasingly more difficult to care for with the limited resources available in a bedroom. She still gets around with her walker and she does all of the things needed to stay clean and healthy but she needs 24 care in the event that something sudden happens. Mom is broken up about it but her sister Rocky is in from Jamaica to help her through it. Uggh. More on this later. Heck - you guys don't even know who Buba is!! Well...most of you don't. She's quite a healthy looking 97 year old!!!

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