Wednesday, July 02, 2003

My Son the Ventriloquist

Hannah is getting BIG! The other day I was feeding her and she had gotten so thick I could not believe it! I am noticing her cheeks getting big and puffy too. I can remember Elijah - until he turned 2 or so - had the most squeezable cheeks I've ever seen! He was chubby all over - he had those knees that you could not see unless he had his legs bent. His cheeks were so big we used to joke that he could store a winter's worth of Cheerios in them. Now, Hannah seems to be growing them too!! I will post some new pictures here in the next few days. We can compare cheeks!

Elijah has this interesting behavior with Hannah. He will walk up to me (or Deb) while we are holding Hannah and put his hand on her. Then he says, "She's awake! Hannah is awake!! Say Hi to her Daddy." So I say Hi to her. Then he continues to tell me what to say to her. "Say 'Hello my love' to her." So I say, "why don't you talk to her - she loves when you talk to her." "No, no Daddy - YOU tell her 'Hi'." How bizarre! We can't figure out why he does that - but it's so very cute. Finally, after about 5 minutes of this, I tell Elijah, "Is there anything else you want to say to Hannah for you?" It's like he's calling me on the phone asking me to relay her messages for him.

Elijah continues to be so protective of Hannah, it's incredible. When someone holds her, he's right there - and I mean RIGHT THERE - practically on the person's lap. He tells them what to say too. He's like her attorney. I can see him with her when she's 16 and a cute boy walks up to her in the mall when they are shopping...

{Cute boy}
"Hello, my name is Brutus Beefcake, but my friends call me Meat. What's your name?"

"Don't answer that, Sister. He's attempting to manipulate you. Strike that question from the record."

"But, Elijah, he looks like a nice boy."

{Brutus Beefcake}
"I am a nice boy. I have a Harley, 6 tatoos and a pierced penis."

"My sister will not be speaking with you at this time. I advise you go on your merry way. Besides, your earlobes are getting tangled."

Yes, I can visualize this scene...and it makes me happy. Afterall, the guy probably wasn't Jewish. What kind of name is Beefcake?

HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND!! Be SAFE on this 4th of July. We got a family of matching T-shirts to wear so people will be staring at us like we are nuts.

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