Friday, June 27, 2003

Pea Soup

This just's a little warm out. Ew. I just bought a car on my birthday earlier this month. It's black with black leather interior. The steering wheel is black, the floor is black, the radio is black, the roof is black, even the TIRES are black! My parents said I am nuts for doing that because black means HOT. I am nuts. I LOVE it though. Now that it's 165 degrees outside, getting into my car is like being sucked into a black hole, next to the sun, nekkid. You can seriously suffer 9th degree burns on your tuchus if you are not careful. All of that does not matter, though, because the car is a chick magnet. It's a new Audi A4 with a 5-speed turbo engine. Zoom zoom zoom. Chicks dig it. Thing is, they look in at me driving it and think I'm smiling at them when the truth is that I'm grimacing from the incredible pain my testicles are experiencing sitting on a black leather seat in the summertime. Whatever the case - it's a cool car and I love it. Barely fits the family but that's OK cause we got the family joneser - the Buick Rendezvous - to carry the four of us.

The title of this entry is dedicated to my dad. Everytime he came home from work, if it was over 75 degrees out, he would walk into the house with the same routine...

"Hello hello! Mmmmmmmmm....something smells YUMMY! Yech - it's hot in here . It's HAZY HOT AND HUMID outside. It's PEA SOUP!"

So everyone enjoy the heat - it should get better this weekend. More updates with Elijah and Hannah next week!!!!


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