Wednesday, June 04, 2003

I Got Your Back

My mom takes great pride in the fact that her older son has always been "protective" of her younger daughter. Truth is, Candice and I have always been pretty tight. That's one of the reasons why I was happy to have Elijah first and then Hannah. Same setup as Candice and I. My hope is that Elijah and Hannah grow up to be close and that they watch out for eachother. I want Hannah's boyfriends to treat her nice for fear that her brother may come and kick their butts. Two days ago, there was already evidence of this "protection." Deb went to Elijah's school to pick him up and introduce Hannah to the teachers. After the second of the three teachers had a turn holding Hannah, Elijah blurted out, "Mommy - YOU hold her." I love it!!! She's three weeks old and her brother is already looking out for her.

Now I know I always talk about how wonderful everything is and sometime people ask me about that. "How can EVERYTHING be so great in your life ALL the time?" I guess I am not always real enough! Hey, it's not easy having two kids!! I don't want to sugarcoat things. Believe me, Elijah has had his tough times. But that's what they are.....times. 95% of the time he is a joy. 5% of the time his head is spinning on an axis. Either way, I love him. Last week, during a particularly difficult 10 minutes, Elijah was not happy with our answers to his questions and decided to..well..I guess the best way to describe it is he acted like he was three. (If you have a three year KNOW what I am talking about!!) He was running around screaming and then gave us THIS line, "I don't like you anyMORE!" He was expressing himself! Deb didn't hesitate for a second. She came right back and said, "that's too bad because you know what? I LOVE YOU." Good line. Five minutes later he was asking for tickets to see Superman Live. There is no such show but the kid has imagination. "Eli, sweetie, there is no Superman Live show."

"OK. Can we get tickets?"

"No - you see - um...Superman is on TV and in the movies but there is NO live Superman show."

"OK - if I'm a good listener at school then we can get tickets to Superman Live?"

"I love you Elijah."

Maybe when he grows up, he will produce a Superman Live show.

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